What Color Rug Should I Buy?

Dear Style Studio team,

We have the Coventry seating small black/cream check (corner, 36-inch and 48-inch) as a casual area off our kitchen. I am looking for a rug in the 5-by-7-foot size range. We have two dogs and two teenagers.

There is a door (and long windows) that leads to our back patio that will come off this area. Maybe go with an indoor/outdoor rug? I definitely want something that is easy to clean and does not show dirt easily!

My main obstacle is what goes with the small black/cream check. I don’t want a solid color rug — that’s too boring. 🙂

My decor style is in this area: golden yellow walls with medium oak floors; six leaf giclee prints from Ballard on the wall over the sofa. Other colors in the home include black, grays, reds, brown…lots of natural light comes in from the east and the west.

Suggestions are much appreciated.

Thank you,

Ann S.

Dear Ann,

Thank you for your question. We do have a few selections that we think will work well with your Black and Cream Check fabric.

Navarre black rugThe first is the Navarre rug in black (pictured right), the Monterey in black or the LePoeme Rug in black. All are indoor/outdoor rugs, which means that they can be cleaned by taking them outside and hosing them down.

We think any of these rugs will work well for you. Please let us know if you need anything else.


The Style Studio

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