Sectional With Odd Floor Plan

Baldwin Left Arm Loveseat

Dear Style Studio,

We have an odd floor plan of 109-inches-by-81-inches and I don’t like the style of sectional with ottoman. I like a more complete sectional with arm rest.

–Samantha T.

Dear Samantha,

Thank you for your dilemma. We think your best alternative is our Baldwin Sectional.

Baldwin Left Arm LoveseatYou have a wide variety of pieces to choose from. We think that our Left Arm Loveseat (pictured right) and corner chair with our Right Arm Chair should give you the look and size you are looking for.

–The Style Studio Team

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    January 11, 2013

    Okay, so the room is 9′ x 7′. So to clarify, the problem is that the room is tiny? I would do a Baldwin sectional described above would be perfect because it would feel “capped-off” and not take up too much real estate. By eliminating the chaise, you now have room for a coffee table or ottoman! Personally when entertaining, I prefer to have an ottoman that can double as extra seating for guests. Good luck Samantha.