Family room

New furniture, but can’t seem too love it. Seems off center and busy when I decorate and empty when I don’t.





You’ve got a great start in the room. It’s not a big space so you’ll want to avoid too much clutter. We suggest a few large statement pieces that will add interest but not a lot of “stuff.” Here are a few ideas to try:


  • Replace the six small prints with one large piece of artwork that ties into the colors of the room — maybe move the smaller pieces into the entry. We love the airy look of the Snowbirds & Blossoms Canvas, shown here.
  • OR move the mirror from above the mantle to the wall behind the sofa to visually open up the space. Then use the large art over the mantle.
  • Rethink what you have in your built-ins. All those small “things” can start to overwhelm the eye. An alternative would be to only use one color in the bookcases – for instance, all green ceramics, books (cover them in paper if you don’t have what you need), plants, etc.


Little changes like that can make a big impact.

The Style Studio Team

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