Creating a Home Office in the Bedroom with Susanna Salk

Maybe it’s our winter nesting instincts kicking into high gear, but there’s been a lot of talk around the office about creating the perfect bedroom office. If you don’t have the room for a dedicated workspace—and many of us don’t—the bedroom is the next best place.

Honestly, we can’t think of a better space that naturally lends itself to hosting an office than the bedroom. The space is already your own private sanctuary, and there are fewer distractions in the bedroom than in any other room in the house.

The key is to create a functional workspace that doesn’t disrupt the zen-like feel of the master suite. We decided to call upon design expert, Susanna Salk, whose own bedroom office is a great example of how to do it beautifully. In our exclusive video, she gives a tour of her bedroom office and tells us why it works. We also asked her some additional questions, below.

Ballard Designs: What is the biggest consideration for carving out workspace in the bedroom?

Susanna Salk: It all depends on the space. If you have a small bedroom you’ll need to make sure the office part is well integrated, so you don’t chop up the space too much and make it feel even smaller. In a big space, however, you have the luxury to separate the two worlds.

BD: What are the most important elements that make up a bedroom office?

SS: Don’t make it look too office-y! Use trays, bowls and pretty things to organize your paper, pencils, calculator and other essentials. Lighting is key. Try a glamorous pair of table lamps on either side of your desk. And make sure your desk is not a desk, but perhaps a pretty, but functional, table. A bad-looking corporate desk will ruin the mood and flow of the bedroom instantly.

BD: How do you keep it cozy in the bedroom without it feeling like a work zone?

SS: Music, throws, scent: Keep the atmosphere strong by making sure it looks like a person dreams there, not just works there. Make sure your bed linens always look pressed and spiffy fantastic and that your bed is made. A chaise can make a good work and nap station, too.

Caroline McDonald

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