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Decorating Dilemma:


I am desperate for help with my odd shape living room. I am not really good at style, design or layout. I feel like my living room does not feel warm and welcoming. It lacks color and design. I’ve done my best to attach a drawing, obviously not to scale. I need to redo my whole living room but I need to start slowly. First, I need a new entertainment center, but I’ve always had a dilemma about how to lay out the room. We are a kid friendly house, we really live in our living room so it needs to hold up. I’m on a tight budget so I figure I will start one thing at a time. Our couch is an old scary disaster! 🙂 I need to start with the entertainment center, but really want advice. Thank you so much for your time.


Desperate for Design,

Niki in Bethel Park, PA


Style Studio Solution


What a fun challenge. We’ve got some ideas for you that incorporate your current wall color as well as some blues. The overall effect will be fun and light and airy (see attached floor plan and product ideas):

Move the TV to the short wall with the door. That way, it’s still easy to view but it’s not on display right when you walk in the front door. Put it on a 60″ media console (so you have lots of storage), then add some art above it to draw the eye up. We suggest the Vetrina Console in gray and the Media Film Reel Plaques.

To make the most of your seating space, add a large sectional where your two sofas now sit. We suggest the Davenport. It’s slipcovered so you can easily wash the slips if you have any spills — we spotted a child in one of your photos 😉 The Natural Linen is a pretty, neutral fabric for the sectional. Mirrors between the windows would open up the space. We suggest hanging 4 Garden District Mirrors vertically there.

The color scheme for the room comes from our rug suggestion. The Abigail Rug is a really cute rug that incorporates your light green wall color and adds in navy blues. a 6×9 in front of the sectional should be perfect.

An oversized piece of artwork will be the focal point of the room. It will hang on the wall opposite the TV so it will be the first thing you see when you enter through the front door. We liked picking up the blues of the rug in the art. Hang it over a narrow console that you’ve tucked behind the sectional. That will give you the perfect place to add two tall skinny lamps (put them on a timer so you don’t have to mess with turning them on and off). Hanging a few Suzanne Kasler antlers around the artwork with add another layer of interest.

In the first window add a tiny desk with a little leather cube. It will be charming next to your entrance and the cube can be pulled around the room for extra seating. We chose the Abbot Desk because it’s petite AND has a pleasing blue interior. We suggest the slate color leather for the cube, echoing the blues in the room. To the right of the desk, we would add the Left Bank Candle Sconce. It’s crusty finish looks like it’s an antique and it picks up all of the blues and greens in the room.

The last piece of furniture we suggest is a large cream bookcase on the wall opposite your windows. The 3-pc Flush Tuscan Bookcase will offer you lots of storage without overwhelming your space. Fill it with baskets to catch and store all the clutter, books and remotes.

Finally, move your drapery hardware up as high as it will go and hang plain white panels. Our basic twill panels are a great option. They are super affordable and excellent quality.


Zoom in to see more details
Zoom in to see more details


Good luck. Send us photos as you go. We’d love to see your progress!

The Style Studio Team


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    November 20, 2019

    I need some help laying out my kid friendly living room. It is a 24×24 front door leading into the kitchen.

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      Abbey Nolte

      November 26, 2019

      Hi Trella,
      We have a team of interior designers who would love to help you figure out your decorating dilemma. Simply upload images of your room and your question here.

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    December 4, 2012

    Go for it. It works beautifully.

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    September 18, 2012

    the artwork above is beautiful. what is it?

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    August 31, 2012

    This is my living room layout as well. What a coincidence. I happen to have one large window versus two smaller, but this still offered a new layout I hadn’t thought of. Love this blog!

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    August 27, 2012

    This is so neat to see; I love reading your blog!