How To Dress My Windows

How to dress windows

Hello Ballard gurus!!

I need some serious advice and intervention for the windows in my main living/dining/kitchen area.

We moved in about a month ago and even after living in the space, I am no closer to figure out how to dress the windows. Privacy isn’t a concern and I want to preserve as much of the outside view as possible, it is trees and lovely.

I also really love the window trim, it’s wide and pretty … but I really want the warmth and finishing touch that comes with curtains or window dressings of some sort. The three-paneled window is behind our dining table, and the the back wall of the living area is a large sliding door flanked by windows right next to a fireplace, and then the last narrow window. You can see the back wall of windows from the entrance/front door. Again, any advice would be so appreciated!!

(PS: After loading these pictures, I would also appreciate any lighting fixture advice! I would like to change out the ones over the kitchen counter and table!)

Thank you!


Needs Finishing Touches

Room with undressed windows

Room with undressed windows

Room with undressed windows

Style Studio Suggestions

Dear Chrissy: Thank you for your dilemma. To soften the look of the windows and not interfere with the windows, try hanging our Ivory Burlap Drapes on the edges of each window. The rods should be hung close to the ceiling on dark bronze rods. Each panel should be hung straight down to the floor. Not only will the panels help soften the room, but they will give the illusion of higher ceilings.

By the way, we really love the “pops” of color in the rug and the pillows. It really adds personality to the room. As far as the chandelier, you may want to update it to our Orb Chandelier and the pendants could be changed to our Mini Newport Pendants or our Brockton Minis in dark bronze for an updated feel.

Hope these suggestions help you complete your room!

Happy Decorating,

The Style Studio Team

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