How to Childproof Your Christmas Tree

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As the holidays near we’d like to thank you for shopping with Ballard Designs. Our goal is to make your life easier and more beautiful with decor that’s well-made, unique, and functional. We hope we’ve helped you create a warm, inviting home for the holidays and throughout the entire¬†year.

In anticipation of the hectic days ahead, below are a few simple tips to make your holidays a little safer.

Seasonal Decorating Tips from Ballard Designs6 Tips for Childproofing your Christmas Tree

  • Secure the christmas tree to a stable anchor point with wire to help prevent tipping
  • Place the christmas tree inside a playpen for extra security
  • Decorate a miniature christmas tree in the middle of a dining room table – it’s both beautiful and out of harm’s way. Accent with a holiday runner for even more festive fun.
  • Place christmas ornaments and christmas lights above the reach of small children
  • Decorate with cool-burning miniature christmas lights
  • Clean up fallen needles daily so they don’t end up in little mouths

Give them Peace of Mind

Consider giving those you love a Home Safety Gift Basket. Include items like a fire extinguisher, smoke detectors and batteries, a carbon monoxide detector, a first aid kit, and a second floor escape ladder. Making sure your loved ones are safe could be the greatest gift of all.

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  1. Angela

    November 18, 2010

    I want to know how you hung the pre-lit wreath on the door when it shows it has a cord.

  2. colleen apter

    November 5, 2010

    I have tried many ways to display cards;often pressed for time I have resorted to a very beautiful festive box or bucket (with out a lid-ice bucket size). I put my cards on a table in the living areas like the family room or music room-guests look through and see our friend Cheery Xmas message!

  3. Norma

    November 2, 2010

    Hello Ms. Fazzio,

    I had the same dilema some years ago. Then I found a great idea on a magazine. You can use a pattern and cut the cards in the shape of a dove or a bell and hang them on a garland. FELIZ NAVIDAD!!!

  4. Style Studio Team

    December 3, 2009

    Dear Beth: We have a few ideas for you to try. The first is to create a Christmas Card Tree. Fill a bucket or large vase with stones then insert some branches, if they have berries on them, all the better. Now punch a small hole in the corner of your cards, string them with ribbon and hang on the tree. You can even add lights if you wish! Our second idea is to cut ribbon and drape it over your staircase attaching the cards down the ribbon. You can add garland and some ornaments to the bannister to finish the look. And lastly, tie cord from one end of your window to the other in the form of a swag. We think gold cord would be very festive. You can purchase small decorative clips (usually at your local craft store) and clip the cards along the cord. we do hope this gives you a few ideas for displaying your cards.
    Have a wonderful Holiday Season.
    The Style Studio Team

  5. Beth Fazzio

    December 3, 2009

    I like to display the many Christmas cards that come our way, but it always seems to look like such a mess! Any good ideas?

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