Creative Gift Wrapping Ideas – You Can Do

Button Christmas Tree: We folded a piece of brown craft paper and cut it in the shape of a Christmas Tree. Using a bag of red and green buttons (local craft store), we hot glued the buttons covering all of the tree. We then added some snowflake buttons on the top to decorate the tree. Next we wrapped the box in red foil, making sure to crease the corners of the paper sharply as it makes a neater wrap. Next we cut a piece of ribbon wrapping it once from top to bottom securing it in the back. We then glued the “button tree” on to the front of the package.

Ornament Bow: Again using the red foil, we tied the package with some traditional red and green plaid ribbon. Next we used 6 small ornaments purchased at the local craft store and glued them into a triangle creating the look of an evergreen tree. So simple even the kids can help.

Reindeer Wrap: This looks harder than it is. We wrapped the box in brown craft paper making sure the ends were tightly creased. It makes the present look much better when the gift wrap is smooth and creased. Next we cut out antlers with a craft knife on some thin foam core board. We hot glued the antlers to the side of the package then used 3 black pompoms for each eye, and 5 pompoms for his nose. If you want to make “Rudolph” use red pompoms for the nose. And lastly, we cut two ears in the shape of a leaf and pinched the bottom together to form the ears. We hot glued them below the antlers. Who would not love receiving a gift in a reindeer box?

Buttoned-Up Shirt: Once again, we used the red foil wrap. We then glued a strip of plaid ribbon down the center of the package gluing it in place. Next, we cut two triangles out of white paper –measuring the size from the ribbon to the corner of the box. We glued the white paper on either side of the ribbon – making the collar of the shirt. Then we took 6 buttons and glued them up the front of the plaid ribbon, and added two small red buttons on the points of the white collar. All that is left is to make a bow out of the plaid “wired” ribbon and glue it in place. It is just that simple to do!

Brown Bag Special: You can make this adorable bag in any size. We chose a small bag for a gift of homemade baked cookies. We covered the front with a piece of red felt added a strip of plaid ribbon across the top – gluing all into place with hot glue. This is a great project for the kids, just use regular glue instead of hot glue. We found some inexpensive ornaments at the craft store, and glued it onto the felt front for a great looking gift bag! The kids will love making these bags and filling them with some homemade Christmas cookies.

We loved creating these fun packages! These are projects that the whole family can be involved in. So look around the house for some buttons and old ornaments, ribbons and string and create a family wrapping night. See what ideas you can come up with.

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