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Gift wrapping is becoming a lost art. The era of “bagged gifts” is here to stay. Quick and easy yes, but imaginative or special – we think not. Just the thought of unwrapping a gift is half the fun. It is the anticipation of shaking, inspecting, and wondering that makes the wrapped package so intriguing.
We are resurrecting the lost art of gift wrapping! We will show you simple techniques that will have your presents – stars in their own right.

Sophisticated and Elegant

Sophisticated and Elegant

Document Gift Wrap tied with butcher’s twine and we glued a silver button at the bow.

Suzanne Kasler’s Metallic Gift Wrap in green, tied with a coordinating Satin Ribbon

Plain Brown Kraft Paper accented with torn Document Wrap and a knot made of Burlap Ribbon. We used Modge Podge to adhere the document wrap to the front of the kraft paper.

Suzanne Kasler Gift Wrap in green with a strip of S.K. Bronze wrap down the center of the package. We stamped the strip with green branches and hot glued some snowflakes to the strip.

Suzanne Kasler Metallic Bronze Gift Wrap tied up with her matching bronze Satin Ribbon for an elegant look.

The plain brown bag elevated to another level. We took the brown bag and stamped the left side with a pine branch and dotted each branch with an eraser covered in red ink. Folded over the top and punched two holes big enough to fit a ribbon. Pulled it through and tied it in a bow.


Traditional Christmas


Traditional Christmas

Here are some ideas for wrapping Christmas gifts for those special people in your life. They are fun and whimsical adding that special touch to the gifts under the tree. Who would not want to find a reindeer package or a buttoned up shirt on Christmas morn!

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