Christmas mantels you can do!

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Every Christmas, one of the main focal points in the home is the fireplace mantel. It’s the perfect place to decorate for the holidays.

We came up with four different Christmas mantel designs that we know you can do.

They’re easy to put together and chances are you may have all you need to create one of these mantels at home.

The list of items needed and the step by step instructions will make you a professional when it comes to decorating your mantel for the Holiday Season.

So take a chance and get creative – we know you can do it!


The Children’s Mantel

Christmas Mantels

List of Items Used
• 3 Windsor Bears (HC725)
• 2 Tabletop Sleds (HC702)
• 2 Angel Pine Garland (HC502)
• 1 Wired Velvet Bow (AM913)
Mercury Glass Ornaments (HC676)
• 2 Trapunto Stockings (FM281)
• 1 Patchwork Stocking (FM282)
• 1 St. Nicholas Giclee (WD393)
• 2 Sets of graduated wrapped boxes/ribbon
• 1 plaid scarf*
• Some seeded eucalyptus stems
• Fill toys for the stockings



Hang St. Nicholas Print centered on the fireplace, hang garland centered above and secured by the velvet bow; secure the sides of garland with the edges of the mantel so they will hang straight down the sides of the fireplace .
Lay scarf on mantel with ends hanging 8” over the mantel, lay angel pine garland over the entire mantel
Place the first bear in the center of the mantel and the two bears in the sleds on either end of the mantel.

Christmas Presents

Wrap the graduated presents (boxes were bought at a local craft store) in coordinating wrap and ribbon as shown, then place the gifts centered between the sled and the center bear on top of the scarf.
Hang stockings as shown. Fill in the mantel as much as you wish with the silver ornaments and seeded eucalyptus

Just a note: We could not find a plaid scarf that we loved, so we made one! Here is how we did it.


*Directions for making the plaid scarf:

Christmas Mantel

1 yard plaid cotton
½ yard of bullion fringe – green
Cut 2 pieces of plaid fabric 10” wide and 18” long. We used stitch witchery to hem all 4 sides with a 1” hem. You should end up with 2 hemmed pieces that are 8” wide and 16” long. Next, cut an 8” piece of bullion fringe for each rectangle and attach it with stitch witchery to the edge that will hang in front of the mantel. Simple!


Christmas Mantels

Christmas Mantels

The Christmas Star

List of Items Used
• Dorado Star Mirror (WM736)
• 5 Everyday Candlesticks (AC334, AC332)
• Set of Mercury Glass Candlesticks (AC320)
• Ivory Tapers
• 2 clear glass cylinders (1 large, 1 small)
• Purple, Acid Green and Silver Ornaments
• 1 Pine & Magnolia Leaf Garland (HC694)
• 6 silk Hydrangea Blossoms (mantel) & 8 Hydrangea Blossoms for floor arrangement
• Branches of seeded eucalyptus (florist)
• Branches of Magnolia Leaves (cut from yard)
• Ava Hurricane Glass Vase (AC338)
• Poncelet Fire Screen (MI413)


Hang Dorado Star Mirror centered on the fireplace. Lay the Pine and Magnolia garland across the mantel. Next place the candlesticks in staggered groupings, making sure not to line the candlesticks up in a row. Fill glass cylinders with ornaments and place on mantel as shown. Next lay Hydrangeas across the mantel tucking their stems under the garland. Fill in the mantel with the seeded eucalyptus making sure some is hanging over the mantel. For the Ava Hurricane below, we bunched about 8 stems of magnolia together, placed them in the vase, and added the hydrangea blossoms one by one. Elegant but simple to do.


Christmas Mantel

Christmas Mantels

A Rustic Christmas

List of Items Used
• Porcelain Trophy Heads (WP759, WP758)
• 2 Twig Trees (HC728)
• Assorted Battery Operated Pillar Candles (AW089)
• 1 Angel Pine Garland (HC502)
• Assorted apples, pears and berry sprigs
• 1 plaid tablecloth (72” square) folded in a triangle
• Rivoli Fireplace Screen (MI412)
• Montresor Deer (AD382)
• Cowhide Rug (RT107)
• Paris Leather Chair (UL002)
• Olivia Side Table (TS353)
Insert detailed print to show mantel detail

Center the large Trophy Head in the center above the mantel, place one small trophy head above and one to either side of the large one. Fold the Tablecloth into a triangle and lay it across the mantel with the point of the triangle center. Lay the Angel Pine Garland across the mantel and place a twig tree on either end. Group the candles together in three groups with one set in the middle and two closer to the twig trees. Add a single 6” pillar candle on each end of the mantel. Fill in the mantel with the apples and pears and berry branches. Arrange the deer to the right of the fireplace. You can create this mantel filled with rustic, simple items creating a natural woodland setting.

Christmas Mantel

Christmas Mantel

An Old World Tradition

List of Items Used

• 3 Gossamer Wreaths (HC704)
• Suzanne Kasler Satin Ribbon (AM906)
• 2 Sets Gossamer Leaves (HC705)
• 2 Wire Eiffel Towers (AD390)
• 6 Oiseau Bird Ornaments (HC701)
Mercury Candlesticks (AC320)
• Everyday Silver Candlesticks (AC332, AC334)
• 2 Angel Pine Garland (HC502)
• Mercury Finials (HC726)
• Santos with Wings (AD388)
• Suzanne Kasler Metallic Wrap (AM932)
• Antique Coronas (AD388)
• Suzanne Kasler Gift Tags (AE332)
• Louis Salon Chair (UC101)
• Poncelet Fireplace Screen (MI413)
Braided Jute Rug (RR581)


Make three large bows with Suzanne Kasler’s Satin Ribbon in green. Attach one to each wreath. Hang two Gossamer Wreaths one over the other at the center of the fireplace and hang the third on the front of the mantel below the two on the wall. Lay 1 Angel Pine Garland across the mantel and swag the other across the front of the mantel swooping up at the center and at the ends of the mantel. Place an Eiffel Tower on either end of the mantel, perch an Oiseau Bird on top (to keep the bird stable try a dot of hot glue). Arrange the candlesticks and the mercury glass finials in between the wreaths and the towers. Place Oiseau Birds on each end of the mantel and two in the middle just above the bottom gossamer wreath. Add the gossamer leaves to the garlands. Place the Santos to the left of the fireplace adding packages and coronas. On the other side of the fireplace add the Suzanne Kasler Metallic Wrapped packages to sit on the Louis Salon Chair and the floor. The Gossamer Wreaths and Leaves provide sparkle and enchantment to this beautiful Christmas Mantel display.

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