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I am looking to redo my dining room. I do not like what is there, drab, dated and tired looking….

I attached some pics. I’m thinking to purchase new lighting, curtains, and cover over the existing wallpaper….I have also thought about recovering the chair cushions??? I know I need some color, or “pop”

I had thought originally about covering over the existing wallpaper (bottom portion of wall) with seagrass wallpaper. I love the texture…however, someone else mentioned that she was not sure how seagrass would look on only
1/2 the wall….My dining room opens into the living room, which is currently painted green…see pics…someone recommended painting the dining room too, color suggestions??

I tend to like rustic/country styling, I envisioned using some black accents in there, although not too much, my husband is not a fan.:) I’m looking for suggestions for wall coverings, lighting, color scheme and curtains….
I’m open to anything. ūüôā
Natalie Grant.



Dear Natalie:

Thank you for your recent Decorating Dilemma.  We are happy to give you some of our suggestions to revive your dining room.  Our first thought is to remove the dated wallpaper and paint under the chair rail Georgian Green HC-115 which is a historic color from Benjamin Moore.  The color we chose for above the chair rail is Ivory Porcelain #239.  If you truly wish to be adventurous, we think the recess portion of your ceiling can be painted the Georgian Green cut in half with white paint.

The chandelier we chose is the 6-arm Talia in bronze, and to complete the chandelier, we picked the Burlap Shades with Sage Check Trim. Our Skyler Check Essential Panels should be hung close to the ceiling but only covering the trim of the window.  This is for maximum light exposure.  On either side of the window we think hanging an Oval Mirror Sconce would look great.  But if you wish, corner cupboards on either side of the window wall would help you not only with storage, but help the room architecturally. We love the full Chilton Corner Cabinets in black.  Although not overpowering, they will add interest as well as  storage. If you do choose the corner cupboards, the Mirror Sconces will not fit the space.

As an option, we chose two end chairs instead of the arm chairs you have now.  Our pick Рtwo Couture Chairs covered with sage linen slipcovers.  You can cover the cushions of the other chairs by ordering extra sage linen fabric for a custom look.  Because you like country styling, we thought our Terra Cotta Pears (small & large) would look great as a center piece for the table.

Lastly, we chose two prints that we think will work well hanging in the dining room. ¬†The first is Queen Anne’s Lace and the other is Birch Grove. ¬†If budget allows they can be hung on opposite walls facing each other or either of the prints will compliment the color scheme we are using. ¬†We do hope that our suggestions are giving you some insight into revamping your dining room. ¬†Please let us know if we can answer any other questions you may have. ¬†Send us some pictures when you finish, we would love to post them on Style Studio.

The Style Studio Team

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