The Willoughby’s Decorating Dilemma

How do we divide this room up?
Through the doorway on the right there is another living room/office area.
What should we do??




Dear Tim:

Without the dimension of the room, it is difficult to provide you with a floor plan.  However, we can give you some suggestions based on the photo you sent.  You can add two chairs facing the fireplace.  Our Stratford Chairs would be a good choice. They’re very comfy.   A small table in between the chairs (i.e. Andre Table in rubbed black) would work.   We also suggest an area rug which will help anchor the room, and visually ground it.  Perhaps our Le Poeme Rug (in chocolate) would suit your style or our Light Sisal rug with a border would be another good choice.

Under the flatscreen, we do think you need a console, something along the lines of our Bennington Console (in Rubbed Black) which could house your components and provide storage too. Along the back wall (against the living room) we would love to see a series of three or four of our Garden District Mirrors.  Pull your sofa out into the room as close to center as possible leaving at least 3 feet for a walk space.  You can place your trunk in front of the sofa creating a coffee table.  Along the back of your sofa, we think our Double Wide Morgan Low Shelving (in black) will help to create a separate space. Please don’t forget lighting!   We suggest the Jolie Buffet Lamps on either end of the Morgan Shelving behind the sofa.

An additional thought is to install a dimmer on your overhead fan to control the over head lighting.   Add some Ballard Essential Pillows in your favorite colors for a splash of color and you’re good to go.  We hope these suggestions will help you pull your room together.   Please let us know if we can be of any further assistance.

The Style Studio Team


1. Stratford Chairs 2.Andre Table 3.Le Poeme Rug 4.Le Poeme Rug 5.Garden District Mirrors 6.Double Wide Morgan Low Shelving 7.Jolie Buffet Lamps

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