Finishing Touches for a Butter Cream Dining Room

Dear Style Studio:

I am having the best time looking through your design help section (to the point of no sleep). I’m looking for help in my dining room. As you can see we have the butter cream striped paint look which we love. We have found curtains we’re happy with and love our furniture. I think we need a larger rug and different color. I am particularly looking for help with accessories, wall decor and finishing touches. These are the ideas I had so far…

I think the double windows (to the left) are begging for a mini bench underneath. I was thinking the Dorchester Bench with apple green velvet cushion, or 2 small Dorchester Stools placed side by side. Choosing the apple green because I love these 2 colors together (yellow and green) and we have a kitchen adjoining with the apple green wall color. ( For some reason I picture a little flat open basket with dried flowers spilling out placed on top of the bench…:) I also LOVE the Entomology Plaques in bronze for one of the walls but not sure which wall? I thought they could pick up the tannish/brownish colors in the curtains and the garden feel. For touches I was thinking any of your topiary items to add more green but wasn’t sure which ones or where to put them? I would love a large one to put inside the large vase on the floor.

I’m looking for ideas for decor around my mirror and on buffet table. We have a runner there now but are not wedded to it either. I’m also not in love with the current lampshades. I think white would look better. I’m also looking for ideas for the corner shelf bookcase. I collect pitchers and believe a muted yellow and apple green pitcher would look nice there. We also have that random round table in the corner that I’m not sure what to do with? We don’t need to keep it there.

I also was thinking any of your chandeliers would be great; I would prefer a chandelier in black wrought iron with the Bee Chandelier Shade in sage green to add in green accents, but wasn’t sure if this was too much. What do you think?

Just for fun and as an alternative to the more elegant look, what drapery would you recommend? I love the Triple French Pleated Silk Panels but wasn’t sure about the color.

Thank you in advance for any guidance you can offer. I’m open to all your suggestions.
Warmest regards,

Dear Jennifer:
Your dining room is wonderful! We love everything from the painting technique to the drapes. All you need is a bit of accessorizing and you are well on your way to a spectacular room. We are crazy about your idea of placing our two seater Dorchester Bench in aged moss coupled with an apple green velvet cushion under your double window. We would like to suggest the Whitney Rug in natural and green for under your table. Although it is not sisal, it has the look and feel of it, and it is very durable (an added feature that we love).

The 6-Arm Talia Chandelier is perfect for above your dining table. It is 25” in diameter which should be no more than 3/4 the width of your table. Make sure you hang it 30 to 32” above the table as a perfect focal point. Again, we love your suggestion of the Bee Chandelier Shade in sage green to pull everything together. Try adding our Provencal Bowl filled with fruit flanked by two of  our Angel Vine Topiary centered in the middle of the table for an unexpected centerpiece.

You asked about the drapery panels, and we do think they are great, but they appear to be too short. You can rectify this by “hot gluing” bullion fringe (in the same yellow as the background of the panels) to the bottom of each panel. It give them a custom look.   It is also a simple way of lengthening panels. We know you asked for an alternative selection on the drapes – but we think what you have is fab!

On your side console, the beautiful decorative plate that is lying down should be placed on an easel. Save the runner for those dinner parties to place your dishes/food on. The shades on the buffet lamps could use some updating and we would like to give you a couple of options: for a less formal look, we think our Buffet Seagrass Shades would be an unexpected texture, or you can stay traditional and do gold silk shades. The choice is yours. Your mirror above the buffet looks great, but for added drama try placing the Entomology Plaques above the mirror in a semi-circle centered on the middle of the mirror. On either side of the single window, we chose our Exotic Fruit Prints – one for each side to frame the window. Beside the double window our Acanthus Cut Out Plaques on either side will add architectural interest.

Lastly, we think your collection of pitchers, with the addition of our Terra Cotta Pears would make your corner cupboard charming and welcoming. All in all, just a few additions to your existing room and you have transformed it into a Garden Dining Room that is warm and elegant. Please send us pictures when you complete your room. We know our readers would love to see the finished product.

The Style Studio Team

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    July 27, 2010

    I can’t wait to see pics!!! I love all these ideas, and plan to use some of them in my dining room. Thanks for all the wonderful ideas! 🙂