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I really need some help choosing new artwork and accessories for our living room (see attached picture).  I have recently painted it — Benjamin Moore’s Hepplewhite Ivory (1/2 strength) and really like the Jardin Botanique I and II canvas prints but wondered if they would look lost on the light paint.  I have ordered two blue and white porcelain temple jar lamps and want to keep the accessories in a country french theme if it makes sense.  Would really like your suggestions about artwork and accessories and I love your catalog!

Thanks so much in advance.

Cathy P.


Dear Cathy,

We also love the Jardin Botanique I and II Prints but we do think they may be too light on the wall above the sofa.  We suggest that if you love them, order them and see how they look.  You can always return  them if they don’t work.  Our thoughts are the set of 6 Indigo Seaweed Prints. They would look wonderful above your sofa.  They have an old world look because they are reproduced book plates from the British Isles.

With the addition of the blue and white porcelain and the bamboo frames of the prints you will have a very European look. Our suggestion for something above the wing chair and end table is the Louis Sunburst Mirror in gold.  It has a very architectural feel and would complete that corner of the room.

Please let us know if we can be of any further assistance, and send us some photos.  We would love to post them on Style Studio.

The Style Studio Team


1. 6  Indigo Seaweed Plans 2. Jardin Botanique I and II Prints 3. Louis Sunburst Mirror

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    Lila L. Bashe

    September 30, 2010

    I love anything from Ballard Designs. I have purchased in the past.