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Hello Ballard Design!

Here is my small formal dining room. It is pretty much all Ballard Design pieces – the chandelier, shelves, chairs and rug! But it still feels unfinished because I don’t know what to put on those lovely shelves or on the wall space on each side.

Please help!


Dear Stef,

We think you’ve done a great job decorating your dining room! We just love it. The design is simple, yet warm and inviting. You could use a few accessories to finish it up, but we would like to keep it to a minimum so as not to clutter the space. So here is what we suggest.

We love the idea of our Bee Chandelier Shades on your Talia Chandelier, or you can also use the Sage Check Chandelier Shades. The Café Shelving looks fabulous and we think that our Cream Primvere Diner Plates displayed on top (perhaps 3 on each shelf) will be just enough.

Without knowing the dimensions of the room, we’re not sure about the wall space on either side of the shelves. If you feel the wall looks too stark, you can add our Antique Mirror Sconces centered on either side of the shelves – we just don’t want to see it look too cluttered. Centered in the middle of the table, we would love to see the Metal Architectural Finial – make sure to use the small one!

You have a charming dining room that just needs a bit of a “tweaking”. Thank you for letting us help you with your project and please send pictures when you are finished. We would love to post them on Style Studio!

The Style Studio Team

Posted 1/19/10

Ballard Dining Room

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