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Corner FireplaceQuestion:

Our living room has a corner fireplace that’s stumping me in terms of arranging all the furniture. I’m sending shots of each of the four walls in the room. We need at least two more chairs in the room, and a few side tables and more lighting. Can you advise?



Dear Pauline,

Thank you for sending in your request for help with the arrangement of your living room. Having a focal point, such as a fireplace at an angle can seem intimidating. Not to fear – we are here to help! The first thing to address is the large radiator under the windows. A local carpenter can build you an inexpensive cover and paint it the same as the wall color making it fade into the wall. The room appears Spartan-like, so we’d like to warm it up and make it feel pulled together.

Corner FireplaceOnce the new radiator cover is in place, we think two of our Stratford Chairs covered in our new Como Ikat Dijon fabric placed in front of the radiator will add that extra “pop” of color. Try adding the Baxter Side Chest in between the Stratfords to make the seating look warm and inviting.

The addition of a 30” Terrific Table Trio with a Burlap Cloth on each side of the sofa should look great. Our Salerno Urn Table Lamp Base with a Seagrass Shade should add additional texture when placed on the Burlap Cloth. We did notice that your wedding picture is a bit too small for above the fireplace. Try placing it on an easel on top of the new radiator cover along with a collection of family photos. Our Birch Grove Giclee Print placed above your fireplace leaning against the wall as opposed to hanging will add impact and create a focal point of the fireplace. Your TV looks sadly out of place, so our remedy is to place it on our Wesley Media 44″ Console. It has a smaller profile and should work along that wall without overpowering anything. For the finishing touches, we love adding Essential Drapery Panels in our Butter Twill to the ends of the each window. Toss some Throw Pillows in Butter Twill on the sofa to pull the color through. Adding a Metal Architectural Finial on the coffee table for additional interest is just what you need. Lastly, hang two River Prints on each side of the front window to complete the room, just make sure not to hang them too high. Check out our “How To Hang Wall Art” section of Style Studio for some very helpful hints.

We know this is a lot to digest, and recommend that you work within your budget and time frame to complete the look. Please let us know what you feel about the suggestions, and of course send us pictures when you are done.

The Style Studio Team

Posted 12/29/09

Corner Fireplace

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1 Stratford Chairs
2 Baxter Side Chest
3 30” Terrific Table Trio
4 Salerno Urn Table Lamp Base
5 Birch Grove Giclee Print
6 Wesley Media 44″ Console
7 Essential Drapery Panels
8 Throw Pillows
9 Metal Architectural Finial
10 River Prints

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    Trisha Poe

    January 27, 2010


    We have just completely replaced all our furniture with your wonderful leather furniture and absolutely love it. The only problem I am having is how to decorate two round end tables, I cannot seem to pull it all together.
    We love your designs and furniture, thank you for your wonderful catalog.

    Trisha Poe

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      Ballard Designs

      February 1, 2010

      Dear Trisha: We would like to help you with your design dilemma, but we need additional information. What specifically is the issue with the end tables? Is it a space problem, or are you having difficulty as to what to put on the end tables? We also need to know if lighting is an issue (i.e. need extra lighting to read by). If you can give us more detailed information as to what is frustrating you, we would be more that happy to offer some suggestions.
      The Style Studio