Master Bedroom Dilemma

Master Bedroom DilemmaQuestion:


There are several elements of my master bedroom that I struggle with.

  • Is my headboard too understated – does it need to be more substantial?
  • Should I put a grouping of smaller pictures above it or one large item?
  • The lamps on my side tables look too small to me, but I’m not sure how large to go.
  • Do I add window treatments to my plantation shutters or should I leave them clean-lined and simple?
  • What to put on the top of our tall dresser?

I’m attaching two pictures and would love some assistance with my dilemma.


Thank you!


Master Bedroom DilemmaAnswer:


Dear Tina,

Your approach to your room is both calm and retreat like. We do know you have a few issues about the space and we would love to help you solve them.

We agree that the lamps on either side of the bed need to be more substantial. The Columbia Table Lamps with the dark bronze finish should work well. We don’t think your headboard is too small, but you do need something above it to pull it all together. Our recommendation is a grouping of Mirrored Heron Prints. Five prints should really make an impact.


We agree the lights on the dresser appear to be a bit too small. The Chartres Buffet Lamps in Bronze would be a nice choice. The tall chest looks rather bare, so we think the Children Playing at the Seashore Print would look terrific above it. Placing drapes on your windows is a matter of personal preference. If you do choose to put them up, try choosing ones that are the blue tone in your coverlet. It will help bring a pop of color to the room.


Master Bedroom DilemmaWe hope that we have given you some reasonable ideas to complete your room. It really should not take too much to finish up. If you have any other questions, please let us know. And please send us some photos when done – we love to share them with our Ballard customers.

The Style Studio Team

Posted 10/7/09


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    Stacy K.

    January 26, 2010

    Hello, Our bed in our master bedroom is centered on a wall that has one window to the right of the bed. The left of the bed has wall space. I am not sure if the night stand on the one side of the bed should be centered under the window and I don’t know what to do with the other side of the bed. If I pull the night stand closer to the bed, then it is only half way under the window. The other side of the bed looks lop sided because there is no window. The bed is aligned underneath a large coffered vaulted ceiling. If I move the bed over to one direction, then it is not centered under the vault. It is making me crazy! I like symmetry and do not know how to acheive that in this room. Please help! Thank you!!!

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      Ballard Designs

      January 27, 2010

      Stacy: We feel that the nightstand on the left should be beside the bed. Then on the right side of the bed why not add a Terrific Trio Table with a tablecloth in a matching fabric as your window treatment on the opposite side. This will pull the color across the room and make it more balanced. If you love symmetry, try adding matching lamps on both the nightstand and the table. That should give you some visual symmetry. The room will never be totally symmetrical but you can fool the eye by repeating color and matching the lamps. Please let us know what you think.
      The Style Studio Team

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    December 22, 2009

    She still has a problem with lighting for the bed area. Ideally it should not take up table space…and she should not have to go to the trouble of wall mounts (although a possibility). Also, a dimmer option would be VERY nice.
    Floor lamps would not really fit the decor….something unobtrusive mounted over bed with multiple lamps, plug-in with cord covers??? But could not be TOO modern with that decor…..

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    November 24, 2009

    Dear Ella: Sounds like you have a warm and inviting bedroom. We suggest a series of prints above your bed. The Whimsical Dragonfly & Butterfly Prints (WT839) would be a great choice. You can also look at the Lodge Leaf Prints (WT839) for a different look. Without knowing what colors (othere than beige) are in the room, we gave you two different looks. Hope this works!
    The Style Studio Team

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    Ella M. Kelley

    November 23, 2009

    Hello: I have the same bed as above and am stumped as to what prints, mirrors etc. would look nice…my furniture is honey pine….bedding paisley, beige carpet…..I have 5 small mirrors on the wall at the foot of the bed…help…thank you.