Lighting Dilemmas

Lighting DilemmasQuestion:

I need a chandelier for my dining room, among other things. I want to order the Talia Chandelier, but have been putting it off because I can’t decide if I need the 6 or 9 arm. I like the 9 arm but don’t want my room to feel overwhelmed, which is why I’ve been teetering between the two sizes. Any other suggestions you have for a buffet (I am worried it will feel too crowded) and where to put art work, color for the wall, etc. is welcome.

Lighting dilema #2 is in the kitchen. I need another chandelier above my breakfast table but don’t know what size either. There are 3 pendant lights just a couple feet away from it and didn’t know if it wouls feel too cluttered with them so close – nevermind the fact that the style of the pendants is too modern for me. So we were considering recessed lighting to replace the pendants, then ordering one of your chandeliers. Any suggestions for lighting here – and whats your opinion on the pendant lights…replace with recessed or find a new style to match a chandelier?

Thanks so much!

Lighting DilemmasAnswer:

Dear Erin,

What a beautiful home! We have read your dilemmas and do think we can give you some suggestions on finishing your dining room and your lighting questions. The 9-Arm Talia Chandelier is the correct size for your dining room. If you go to the How To Section of Style Studio there is an article on Choosing the Correct Size Chandelier. There is a formula for approximating the correct size chandelier for a dining room (adding the length and width of the room would equal the diameter of the chandelier). There are other factors that you can consider, which are explained in the article. Make sure that you also install a dimmer switch for your chandelier; being able to lower the lights will give you the ability to create the right ambiance for your dinner parties.

Our choice for the wall color above the chair rail is Sherwin Williams Restrained Gold (SW6129). We also think your ceiling recess should be painted Restrained Gold as well. This will bring out the architectural detail in the room. As far as a side board, we were thinking that 2 Chilton Curved Corner Cabinets in Rubbed Black placed on either side of the window would look spectacular. But if it is serving space you are looking for, our DeHavilland 3 Drawer Console in Distressed Black will do the trick. As far as art for the walls, we chose Gerber Daisies in Red Print for the wall against the kitchen and a set of 4 Whimsical Prints (WD288) on the opposite facing wall. Last but certainly not least, we would love to see the Charlton Bordered Panels in Butter with Caramel on the windows.

Lighting DilemmasThe lighting in the kitchen could certainly use an update. We feel our Tonnerre 3-Light Pendant over the breakfast room table would look great. There are matching Tonnerre 1-Light Pendants that match the chandelier. They are definitely more in keeping with your style. Although recessed lights would eliminate the “contemporary” look of the pendants, they are still more contemporary in feel than the Tonnerre Pendants.

We do hope that our selections help you in solving your lighting dilemma as well as your dining room issues. Please let us know what you think, we truly appreciate any feedback. Let us know if we can be of any further assistance and please send pictures when you are done. We would love to place your photos on Style Studio.

The Style Studio Team

Posted 10/21/09

Lighting Dilemmas

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