Faux Finish Master Bedroom

Faux Finish Master BedroomQuestion:

Dear Ballard,

How can we “complete” our Master Bedroom now that we’ve painted the walls in this warm faux finish? As you can see, the only pieces of furniture are our bed and a tiny bedside table, which I believe is actually a plant stand! We would like to incorporate a splash of color in some way (maybe a green or blue) and also think a seating area of some sort may be a nice idea.

Can you help us transform this room into a relaxing retreat? Thanks for any advice you can provide!



Dear Maggie,

Faux Finish Master BedroomYou’ve done a great job on the color of the room, but you’re not alone in the task of completing your room. It is one of the most common problems we see in design. Let’s start with the window treatments. Our Jardin Vigne Panels hung from ceiling to floor should give you much needed texture and softness in the room. The panels are not inexpensive, but we really think they will make such an impact that you can skimp on other accessories. On either side of your bed, our Terrific Table Trios with Sage Check Tablecloths will provide you with much needed side tables and help to frame your bed. If you need lighting on the side tables, our Cote D’Ivoire Lamps in Antique Cream with Seagrass Shades would add just the touch you are looking for. The natural Sunburst Wood Mirror centered above the bed is the perfect focal point!

We agree with you that a seating area is a special part of a master bedroom retreat. The far corner to the right of the window (by the foot of the bed) looks like the perfect spot for a reading nook. The Baldwin Club Chair would be a perfect choice. Add a Baldwin Piped Slipcover in Celery Twill with white trim, a Benedetta Side Table in Rubbed White or Tuscan Brown and light up the corner with an Apothecary Floor Lamp in Aged Bronze for a very special look. The bedding appears to work nicely, but if you choose, you can add some Latte Velvet and a few Sage Green Check Throw Pillows to tie the look together. And lastly, the wall in front of the bed – you need something substantial on that wall. Pieces that are similar in color and size to our Custom Soliloquy Prints would look fantastic.

Although some of our suggestions are a bit pricey, we chose items that are classic in design and will remain stylish and current for years to come. We do hope that our suggestions help you with finishing your bedroom. Whether you decide to use some of our ideas or all of them, you at least have a plan to follow. Please send us pictures of your finished bedroom retreat. We know it will turn out to be very special.

The Style Studio Team

Posted 8/17/09

Faux Finish Master Bedroom

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4 Seagrass Shades
5 Sunburst Wood Mirror
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8 Benedetta Side Table
9 Apothecary Floor Lamp
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11 Custom Soliloquy Prints

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    Linda S. Smith

    September 27, 2009

    I have just reviewed your response to the master bedroom decorating dilemma and completely agree with your suggested additions to customize the room in style. I thoroughly enjoy browsing through my Ballards Design catalogues and am always thrilled with the classic, high quality items. Although I am not able to purchase often, I appreciate the special on-line design suggestions and decorating hints. Thank you