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Two Story FoyerQuestion:

Hi! Love your catalog! My husband and I are down to 3 choices for a print for a wall in our two story entrance foyer. Our wall color is beige and we have tan and black accents/furniture. Which choice do you think would fit best?


Two Story FoyerAnswer:

Dear Maria,

Thank you so much for your recent question regarding what print to place in your foyer area. Any of the prints will work; however, we do think the Regency Costume Print will add that unexpected element so often found in a room filled with style and personality. Foyers tend to be odd spaces that usually have limited furnishings, so the art work can really set the tone. The Regency Costume Print has a distinctive style and stand-alone impact that will enhance your foyer and provide an unmistakable focal point.

Please send us photos of the finished foyer. We love to see how things turn out.

The Style Studio Team

Posted 3/25/09



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