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Dining Area ChairsQuestion:

Dear Style Studio,

I have been trying to figure out what type of chair would be suitable to go with our table in our eating area. We have borrowed four chairs from our friends but really need to purchase 6 of our own. As you can see our condo is finished with furnishings that are in the ivory cream tones to go with our antique white custom cabinetry. As I don’t have anything in the place with the dark accents I feel like I should not be introducing them now.

I want something that is comfortable, yet conforms to the style that seems to make me happy, which is traditional rather than contemporary. Have you any suggestions? I do like the idea of having four armless chairs and two arm chairs that can be used in other places in the condo or at the table if need be seeing as space is of essence.

We will be purchasing some area rugs too so could use some suggestions in that department as well. Any suggestions would be most appreciated.


Dining Area ChairsAnswer:

Dear Val:

Thank you so much for your questions regarding your Decorating Dilemma. You have such a wonderful home – not only inside but your view is fabulous!

Let’s start with our choices of area rugs for your Dining Room. We think that either the Barberino Rug or the Dolci Rug would work very well. The Dolci Rug is a darker rug, but it brings in the ocean colors adding warmth and personality. The Barberino Rug is more in keeping with your established monochromatic color scheme.

As far as the chairs for your Dining Room, we feel that introducing a darker wood, say mahogany (legs only) on the Gramercy Chair would certainly add to the traditional feel and create dimension to the space. Another set of chairs that will give you a European/Traditional flair would be our Louis Armchair and our Louis Side Chairs, which can be ordered in an Antique White or Linen Finish. The fabrics we chose to cover the chairs are based on the rug selection.

For the Dolci Rug we suggest the following fabrics:

If you choose the Barberino Rug, the following fabrics should work well:

You can go online and you will be able to see the chairs in the finish and fabric you select. We also recommend that you order both rug and fabric swatches to look at in your home. Make sure you look at them in the daylight as well as in the evening, as different light sources can change the look. If you do decide on a fabric, we also recommend that you order some pillows for your living room, as this will help pull the two areas together. Whatever chairs you choose, they were selected so that they could work in both your dining room and living room.

We hope that we have provided you with some valuable suggestions for your Dining Room. If you have any additional questions, please let us know. Of course, we would love to see pictures of the finished space.

The Style Studio Team

Posted 3/25/09



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