Spotlight on Artist RODNEY WHITE


Accent Pillow Born:Augusta, 1976. Lived in Atlanta, Ga from 1997-2005.
Now lives and works in Brooklyn, NY


Self-Taught Artist Dekalb Technical Institute: Visual Communications, 1999

What Inspires Me:

Everything. I see things everywhere and everyday that gives me some idea for my pieces. I love to visit flea markets and antique markets. I notice the natural aging of the things around us. Billboard signs, buildings, packages, and aging paper catch my attention. I seek to replicate the rusting and decaying look of the things I see. Music – all kinds. I am working on a slight taste for country. And that doesn’t seem to be working out. It is much harder than I thought.

Other artists

Sabrina Ward Harrison, Rik Catlow, Anja Kroenke, Tim Marrs, Ashley Wood and various fine and folk artists. Some local artists that I love – Travis Pack, Ryan Lincicome, Cedric Smith, Julie West, Lance McBride, Demetrious Noble among others. Poets and poetry – Saul Williams, Sabrina Ward Harrison. Tons of books and mags.

My friends – A lot of my paintings come from what I write in my journal/Idea books. A lot of times, my friends and the people I meet say the most brilliant things and they sometimes never mean them the way I hear them. Lucky me I guess.
Literature – Neil Gaiman. This dude is brilliant. The Sandman, American Gods, Angels and Visitations.


I love furniture and dreaming up living spaces. Decor stuff. Movies, collecting & listening 2 music. Books (Angels, Aliens, Theology) and Writing. Learning to enjoy the small things about life – like walking in the sand barefoot. Riding my bike around the city. Daily getaways listening to my iPod ( I tend to really visit new places when I do this). Talking and making connections with people. Learning about people and their stories. Everybody has them – not everybody has someone that wants to listen to them. And DREAMING…Always Dreaming

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