Podcast, Ep. 361: Designer Q&A with Bailey Ward

Bailey Ward Designer

This week, we welcome Atlanta based designer Bailey Ward. She talks about her love of art and architecture at a young age, and how she developed her style that is chic, traditional, and open to the eclectic.

Bailey gives some great advice for those looking to bring in a designer, including the importance of clearly defining your vision and budget before the work even starts. Bailey talks about the “therapy” aspect of design as well, and certain elements of design that help bring about balance and cohesion.

Bailey Ward Living Room

Images from Bailey Ward Interiors portfolio website.

What You’ll Hear This Episode:

  • How Bailey got interested in art and architecture.
  • Even at 10 years old, you could find Bailey sketching floor plans!
  • Clients should study interiors and articulate their style before hiring a designer.
  • How to find a designer you trust.
  • Bailey talks more about her “DIY Consultation” packages.
  • Where to even begin when looking for a designer.
  • The importance of designers providing a clear breakdown of costs to avoid sticker shock.
  • Focusing on one space at a time may lead to a happier client!
  • The beauty of editing down so that there aren’t so many options that it causes overwhelm.
  • Tips and tricks for designing in a household with kids.

Decorating Dilemma:

Hi, podcast girls!

I am a long time listener and look forward to each new episode each week!

My question is around my hall bath window and window treatment. As you can see from the picture, it’s a very high, small window so privacy isn’t really a consideration and this is mostly decorative. What would you suggest?

These blinds are what were here when we purchased the house, and I haven’t touched anything in this bathroom, but it’s slowly rising on my to do list.

I was thinking maybe a Roman shade raised up closer to the ceiling to make the window seem larger or would that look silly? We have another one of these windows in another bathroom in the house, and I’m at a loss at what my options could be for these.

Would love any suggestions!



Hello, Ally!

First, your bathroom is so cute!

We think you are on the right track, and installing a relaxed Roman shade up close to the ceiling will help make the window feel larger without looking silly. Adding window casing will also help frame the window nicely. Extending the shower curtain height to the ceiling will create a more polished look in the space.

These simple updates will help make the bathroom feel fresher.

Thanks for listening,

How to Decorate

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Happy Decorating!

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