Podcast, Ep. 352: The Case for Neutrals with Amy Morris

Designer Amy Morris

This week, we welcome Atlanta-based designer Amy Morris, who shares some great tips on decorating with neutrals.

Amy first shares a little more about her traditional style with a twist of modern and her process behind selecting fabrics with depth and texture. She goes deeper into using lights and darks to create visual interest and advises on finding the right pieces to make your home truly personalized. Amy details her favorite neutrals to use and the importance of really understanding your overall plan and angle in creating your dream living space.

What You’ll Hear This Episode:

  • Yes, neutrals can bring drama!
  • Amy explains more about the “psychology of design.”
  • Using lights and darks to create contrast in a room.
  • Some of Amy’s current favorite and most used neutrals include the yummy chocolate and paprika.
  • Selecting fabrics and materials that also prioritize depth and texture.
  • Finding pieces that work for you personally and making them work in the space.
  • Embracing cohesion in design and avoiding impulse purchases.
  • How we can use the idea of our “seasons” and color palette also in design.
  • Remembering scale when it also comes to selecting lighting.
Amy Morris Living Room

A living room designed by Amy Morris Interiors.

Decorating Dilemma:


I love listening to your show, and it has been so helpful as I decorate my 1960’s colonial revival home!

The remaining area in my house that needs an update is our foyer. The previous homeowner decorated in the late 90’s with a traditional red and yellow scheme, and the two story foyer has a painted yellow striped finish, ornate black cast iron curved handrail, and the original chandelier from the 1960’s. Upstairs the yellow continues down the hallway with semi flush mount 90’s traditional lighting that casts an uninviting glow.

Can you please help with suggestions on wall color and light fixtures for these spaces? The living room that connects to the foyer is painted SW Shoji White, and the den on the other side is a bright white. I like neutrals, blues and greens, and those colors are repeated in the rest of the house. The furnishings, lighting and decor in the rest of the house leans more modern/transitional. Should we replace the handrail with something more modern? Thoughts on the white marble flooring?

Thank you so much for any help you can provide!

— Ginger

Hi Ginger,

Thank you for writing! Amy and our crew have some ideas. First, we suggest painting the foyer walls, trim, and even the stairs a bright white to lighten up the space. Then, consider replacing the traditional chandelier with a large lantern pendant light. You can create more visual interest by removing the ornate pieces from the cast iron handrail. One idea is also to replace the yellow wall color upstairs with a light neutral and swap out the 90s flush mount lights for a transitional sconce or chandelier style.

Consider mounting a large framed artwork or mirror on the foyer wall to make a design statement. Add plants or a tray with accessories on the chest for visual layering. Updating the paint, lighting, and accessories as suggested will help make the entry and hallway feel brighter, more modern, and more welcoming while respecting the home’s original character. Thanks so much and we can’t wait for an update!

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