Podcast, Ep. 347: Coastal Style with Megan Molten

Designer Megan Molten and How to Decorate Hosts

We are joined this week by Megan Molten, a Charleston S.C. interior designer and shop owner. Megan is known for her modern, light, and airy design sense, where she effortlessly mixes feminine and masculine elements together for a balanced and clean result. Megan talks with us about learning how to take bigger risks, how to embrace your coastal style, and ways to incorporate pattern and color through accessories like vases and artwork.

What You’ll Hear This Episode:

  • Megan took a leap of faith and left her corporate career in sales to start her business after encouragement from friends and sharing her design work on social media.
  • Why would Megan say “no” to a white sofa?!
  • Take a deep breath – couch colors are important, but not life or death decisions.
  • Tips for mixing metals.
  • Want to change your artwork around? Look for affordable options for framing.
  • What are some of the elements of coastal design?
  • How Megan learned to take more risks with clients in bolder and darker choices.
  • Some out-of-the-box coastal design accessories and ideas that aren’t your typical seashell.
  • Designing vacation homes in Charleston with a minimalist approach that is also cozy and inviting.
  • Finding that “wow” factor piece in your main spaces.
  • How to build accessories into your budget.

Decorating Dilemma:

Hi ladies and guest(s),

This is Chrissy in Nashville. I’ve been listening to you guys for years now. I’m a personal chef, and so I listen to you guys while I cook all day. My question is about my formal living and dining room.

It’s a large, long room with vaulted ceilings. And my question is about lighting. I want to know. I’d like to put some sconces up, because I’d really just like this whole room to glow. I’d like to put sconces, and I’m wondering where I should put them in the room that make the most sense and how high up should they go and how many should I do? Should I put around the room and then what finishes? I already have a lot of black, and I’m wanting to bring in some more metals. I got a brass lamp on the bar. You’ll see. Just wondering how I can start bringing in another metal into this room.

I also want to hang curtains, and I was thinking of doing a brass curtain rod. Where should I hang them? These windows look kind of small for the room, so I wanted them to look as big as possible. So can you tell me where to hang them and how high up and what metals and color fabric you think would work in this room? Eventually I’d like to do some ceiling detail. These track lighting is going to come down. As soon as we get the chance, we’re going to take this down. And I’d like to do some ceiling detail, like some paneling on the ceiling. And eventually, maybe even one or two skylights in this room. Because the living room window is north facing and the dining window is south facing.

So it’s actually not a hugely. Doesn’t get a lot of light for as big of a room as it is. And should I think about putting some sort of chandelier or pendant over the sitting area part and or recessed lighting when we eventually do the ceiling?

Anyway, I know this. A lot of questions, but I’m really looking forward to your insight.

– Chrissy

Hi Chrissy,

Hi Chrissy! What a cool job to be a personal chef, and we love your vibe. You have a great base already, so here are some of our suggestions. First, we would take the track lighting down and drop a second chandelier over your sitting area. Megan loves the idea of the ceiling detail, possibly in a natural wood tone.

Consider adding in a pair of lamps on the buffet table to bring in some of the brass accents.

We love the idea of skylights and keeping the low lighting, but agree with no recessed lighting.

As for the window in the living room, we would hang the drapery panels as high and wide as you can, and make sure you do drapery hooks and rings. In an effort to not make things too “matchy-matchy”, we would not do sconces that have drum shades like the lamp but instead would do something more contrasting.

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