Podcast, Ep. 325: Houses with History with Jen MacDonald and Mike Lemieux

HGTV Houses with History

This week, we welcome history buff Mike Lemieux and designer Jen MacDonald, stars of HGTV’s ‘Houses with History’. These passionate preservationists are dedicated to restoring historic homes in and around Plymouth, Massachusetts. With over a decade of experience, Jennifer and Mike have a knack for uncovering and reviving these architectural gems. In this episode, they talk about how they got into historic preservation, tips for decorating with a historic aesthetic, and their unique perspective on preservation.

What You’ll Hear This Episode:

  • They got into historic preservation as a way to combine their desire to get out of the corporate grind and move toward their passion for historic real estate.
  • A glimpse into some of the 14 houses they have restored for the show.
  • What is a normal time frame from start to finish?
  • How their work turned into a TV show – who knew Mike’s love of improv would have landed him on HGTV!
  • Some things to consider when looking into an old house.
  • The importance of being practical, staying within your budget, and evaluating the home’s structural foundation.
  • What scares people away from old homes that shouldn’t? Ahem, windows!
  • If you buy an old home, how can you educate yourself on its history?
  • Mike and Jen talk about their passion for antiques and a few of their favorite recent finds.
  • A word of advice: think before you demo!

Also Mentioned in This Episode:

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