Podcast, Ep. 318: Patina Meadow with the Giannettis – Pt. 2

Brooke Giannetti

Brooke Giannetti and her daughter Leila Giannetti

After our engaging conversation last week with Nick and Steve Giannetti about Patina Farm and Patina Meadow last week, we are thrilled to catch up with Brooke and daughter Leila to talk about the ecosystem on the farm, biodynamic farming, and the exciting future plans for involving the community both in Leiper’s Fork and extending to a vast audience online.

Patina Meadow Blueprints

What You’ll Hear On This Episode:

  • Why the move from Ojai to Tennessee felt like the right move.
  • The “shed” is their event space and our pottery space, yet it’s bigger than their whole house!
  • Creating their spaces to feel both beautiful and welcoming at the same time.
  • More about Leila’s airstream, and how she added her own touch to it to make it personalized to her style.
  • How capturing life on the farm during the pandemic helped both Brooke and Leila, as well as their online community, maintain a sense of routine and normalcy.
  • How the animals came into their lives and each serves an important role to the overall ecosystem.
  • What is biodynamic farming?
  • Who tends to the garden?
  • How did Patina Home and Garden come about?
  • What Leila has learned through osmosis with such talented parents.
  • The power of crafting things with an intention.
  • What is in store for the future at Patina Meadows?
Patina Meadow exterior shot

Exterior of Patina Meadow

Decorating Dilemma:

Hi Ladies!

We just finished a whole home renovation where we opened up our living, dining and kitchen area. We’ve purchased a new rug and sectional (in the photos) and now I’m trying to figure out how to add more color and warmth to the space.

I’ve ordered the white Ballard cafe curtains for the windows on either side of the TV for privacy. Now, I am thinking we need different throw pillows for the living space and curtains in the dining area but am overwhelmed with options.

For example, patterned or solid curtains and pillows? Rod pocket or rings? What kind of curtain rods? We’ve used blues and greens in other rooms in the house so I’d like something to complement those colors. Also, our home was built in the 1940s so we’re trying to make modern/ traditional choices. Other details that may help: The sectional is a tweedy material with some black, gray and white and the swivels are kind of a tweedy blue/ gray.

We may swap the swivels or recover them at some point so I don’t want to make any decisions based on this fabric. The rug is Annie Selke Diamond Fieldstone/Ivory. Regarding rugs in the kitchen, I’d like to find a vintage runner for the kitchen and love the look of a rug under the dining but with two toddlers that is not an option for us currently. The walls are SW Drift of Mist and the trim and cabinets are BM White Dove. Any advice on how to add color and warmth to the space or any other suggestions would be so appreciated!

Thanks for all your work on the podcast! I love learning from you guys each week.



When it comes to adding more color, our suggestion would be to incorporate blues and greens using them as pillows and throws, perhaps in combination with a patterned pillow that has a complementary palette, which can create a lovely effect. Brooke personally prefers a balance of solid colors and subtle patterns, as it adds simplicity and elegance to the space. A touch of white, whether through artwork or a focal point above the stove, can enhance the overall aesthetic.

In the kitchen, Brooke adores the idea of a runner with floral accents or greenery, along with natural-colored barstools. Adding a woven shade above the window can introduce texture, while a basket above the fridge can provide both storage and visual interest. A painting or a pot rack above the stove can serve as a captivating focal point. For the dining room, incorporating blues and greens through placemats, patterned flip covers for end chairs, and local artwork can bring vibrancy and a connection to the outdoors. Additionally, considering curtains in either white or a single color, complemented by rings in a matching dark metal, can provide softness without overwhelming the room. Remember to ensure the curtain length reaches the floor and allows for proper stacking when opened.

Lastly, when it comes to the space above the oven, it presents a fantastic opportunity to display something meaningful or visually striking, such as a piece of art or even a special platter. Remember, this area acts as a significant focal point, so choose something that truly resonates with you and adds beauty to the space. Thanks so much for writing in, and we can’t wait to see what you come up with!


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Happy Decorating!

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