Podcast, Ep. 313: Taking Risks and Bringing out the Unexpected with Jessica Davis

Designer Jessica Davis with How to Decorate Podcast Hosts

Designer Jessica Davis with How to Decorate Podcast Hosts

We welcome the talented Atlanta-based designer, Jessica Davis, whose remarkable skills in creating daring spaces and adding unique touches of irreverence have captivated us. Her exceptional work has garnered recognition from renowned publications such as House Beautiful, Better Homes and Gardens, Real Simple, and Elle Decor, among others.

In this episode, Jessica shares insights into her innovative take on blending tradition with modern design. She offers valuable advice on discovering the perfect textures and colors that resonate with your personal style. Additionally, she divulges a selection of her preferred sources for discovering wonderfully quirky furnishings. Prepare to be inspired by Jessica’s confidence and artistic vision!

Designer Jessica Davis' Portfolio

Jessica’s Buckhead Eclectic Project

What You’ll Hear On This Episode:

  • How Jessica tells a story with her interiors and works with her clients to bring their vision to life.
  • Jessica shares how she collected things that may not match the space but work in homes that range from Victorian, Dutch Colonial, and midcentury modern.
  • Taking things from place to place and collecting them over time allows you to create something less formulaic than furnishing a house just for the space and style of home.
  • Create a vision board of your home, even if it’s you floating around in a mumu!
  • How designing for a restaurant and retail space differs from a home.
  • The ways that having a background in art and design helps Jessica create things that have a little tension and bring out the unexpected.
  • How often does Jessica change things in her own house?
  • The inspiration for her gorgeous furniture and hardware line.
  • Where do you start with a color palette?
  • Tips for threading colors in a room.
  • How do you know what makes good textiles?

Decorating Dilemma 

Hello ladies,

I enjoy the podcast, especially hearing from so many talented design professionals!

My decorating dilemma is my family room: I live in a 1926 home to which a prior owner added a 1979 addition. I’ve always loved having the space, but I don’t love this room as much as the original house. Over the years, I swapped the molding and flooring and added custom bookcases to align with the character of rest of the house.

For reference, it’s a big room — 22.5’ x 19.’ The ceiling is 12.5’ at the top and the bend starts at 8’. This is our informal space for TV watching, relaxing, and reading. I have 3 young adult children and when they visit we sprawl out, put out feet up and watch a movie together. Our small dog cozies up with us, too. I’d like to make a few changes to refresh the room.

Here are my main questions:

  1. What do you think about adding beams to the ceiling? If so, where?
  2. Do I need a chandelier? What size and shape? How high should it be?
  3. What about paint?
  4. What to do about window treatments?
  5. Would drapery look odd at 8 feet where the angle starts? Would shades be better ? Should I do without? I do not need them for privacy.

I appreciate your thoughts!

Paula F.

Hey Paula,

Thank you so much for writing in!

First, we agree with your idea of adding beams to the ceiling to enhance its architectural appeal. Jessica suggests using a fun color for either the walls or the ceiling (or both) to add interest and some spark to the room.

Jessica also supports your suggestion of adding a chandelier and hanging it around 6 & ½ feet. We propose selecting a bold paint color for the room and adding some decorative elements, like a tray on the ottoman and a reading lamp on the coffee table. Since one of the themes of this episode is taking risks, we invite you to take some risks of your own to add layers and interest to the space.

Maybe some angled ceilings, pale blue curtains, and natural-looking textured chandeliers to achieve a fresh and light atmosphere in the room.

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Happy Decorating!

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Kelley Bostian

Kelley enjoys a light and livable home and is always searching for that perfect "finishing touch" antique piece. Here on How to Decorate, it's his goal to help you bring your own unique design vision to life.