Podcast, Ep. 242: Renovation Tips with Rasheeda Gray

Designer Rasheeda Gray of Gray Space Interiors

Designer Rasheeda Gray

Our guest today is the inspiring and highly knowledgeable interior designer Rasheeda Gray. Her Philadelphia-based firm, Gray Space Interiors, specializes in residential and boutique commercial projects. Her work has been featured in Better Homes and Gardens, Architectural Digest, ELLE Décor, HGTV, and more. In 2021 Rasheeda was named one of House Beautiful’s Next Wave Designers.  This episode is all about renovating! Rasheeda gives us tips and tricks for the entire renovation process, insight into her personal and professional experience answers all of your renovation questions and more. She gives us an in-depth look at why planning is so important as well as how to stay focused and on budget!

Living room design by Gray Space Interiors

What You’ll Hear on This Episode:

  • What kind of questions should you ask yourself before a home renovation project?
  • Rasheeda walks us through the budget and pricing process.
  • How often do clients veer off course during renovations?
  • Is it better to renovate project-by-project or all at once?
  • When to hire a professional vs. when it’s okay to DIY.
  • How supply chain issues are affecting renovation projects and what delays to expect.
  • The importance of taking a holistic approach to renovation and design planning.
  • How to keep a focus and theme during the entire process.
  • How much should you worry about resale value when renovating?
  • What colors are trending in 2022 and where can you use them?
  • If you’re on a tight budget, what one room would Rasheeda suggest focusing on?
  • The importance of getting measurements and creating a floorplan.

Living room design by Rasheeda Gray of Gray Space InteriorsDecorating Dilemma:

Hi Podcast Team!

Thank you SO much for How to Decorate! It’s my favorite podcast and has really sparked my interest in design.

I live in the Baltimore suburbs with my husband and 2 boys (5 and 4 years old). We moved a year ago to our forever home and we LOVE it. It’s a quirky old cape cod that started small and has had a couple additions since- one of which is a great room off the main living area.

  • How would you lay out the furniture in this room? I envision a comfy and inviting room where we will hang out and read, chat, socialize. My husband is insistent on a pool table/ping pong table situation.
  • Do we need window treatments for the room to look complete?
  • What paint colors would work best for this space?
  • Any thoughts on a great chandelier?

If you can answer even one of the questions, I will be so excited!!



Hi Tracey,

This is definitely a complex design dilemma!  Keeping in mind that you want the space to be comfy and inviting, let’s start there.  Since there are no defined walls I would suggest you float the furniture.  I would recommend getting an area rug that’s big enough to contain all the furniture and ground the space. I would lean towards putting the sectional on the window wall. Then I would have 2 chairs and maybe a small ottoman flanking the sofa to create conversational areas. The ping pong table is a really difficult addition to this space! But you could put it to the far right side of the room. If possible, I would look for a table where you can put a cover or nicer fabric over it that makes it look less “ping pong-y!”  To save space I would put some ottomans for seating in this zone that can slide under the table. Regarding window treatments, I wouldn’t cover the windows since you love that natural light. Think of window treatments like eyebrows in that they frame and complete the look. It will give the room a sense of cohesiveness, as well. On those 2 thin windows on either side of the main window, I would hang the curtain rods the same height and use one small panel on each. If you’re worried about baseboard heaters you could use shades, but I don’t think it’s a problem. I prefer floor-length curtains for this space and you could always use tiebacks when you use the heaters. The chandelier is a bit big and formal for the space so if you’re looking to change it, I would personally get rid of it.  If you have a choice I would go with recessed lights throughout the space with a few accent lamps, as well. For paint, I always say pick it last. You can certainly go with white, but to make the space feel really cozy I would go with a medium neutral color like a taupe or gray to warm it up.  One of my favorites is Repose Gray. Then bring color in with all of your furniture, artwork, accessories, etc.

We’re so glad you enjoy the show, Tracey!  Please send us the after photos!

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Happy Decorating!

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