Podcast, Ep. 147: Dorm Room Decorating with Ann Mashburn and Jennie Seward

Ann Mashburn and Jennie Seward talk dorm room decorating and how they decorated their girls' freshman dorm room

We have two very exciting guests this week, Jennie Seward and Ann Mashburn. These two powerhouse designers just happened to have daughters that ended up rooming together as college freshmen and are now two peas in a very well decorated pod. Jennie and Ann talk with us about ways to maximize space in a small shared area, tips for making the most out of bed storage, and share a few of their favorite budget-friendly ideas for adding warmth and personality to a dorm.

What You’ll Hear On This Episode:

  • Trials and triumphs about a broken femur, trip to Maine, a very heavy fountain, dripping faucets, and much more!
  • How Jennie and Ann’s daughters ended up rooming together, and how these two peas in a pod get along.
  • The difference between decorating a dorm room for a boy vs. a girl, and why the boys just may be happy with one loan Home Depot bucket.
  • How Pinterest has changed dorm room decorating, and where Jenny and Ann and their daughter’s collected ideas for inspiration.
  • All about the bed including bed skirts, maximizing storage, and reupholstered sidewalk headboard.
  • How to keep spaces separate for sleeping and studying, even if space is an issue.
  • Ideas to decorate the walls and not have them so bare without needing to spend too much money.
  • Tell your kids you will buy everything once, so they know to keep good care of what they have!
  • Our love for the touch kitchen faucet, and why it will change your life!

Decorating Dilemma:

Hey y’all!

I LOVE the podcast. Just found it recently and my sister and I are constantly talking about which episode we are on and taking notes.  So, thank you!  Now, I need some help with my kitchen.  If new countertops and cabinets are not in the budget, what could be done to give our kitchen an updated feel? I would love to get rid of the exposed hinges and get new hardware.  My husband and I are thinking of painting the brick, walls, and backsplash all one color?  What about the windows. We have these long windows in our breakfast area and two of them have molding on the bottom which makes it interesting.  I want something fun above the sink and on the windows but A TON of light comes in during the morning time and it gets very hot.  We just got this table but need new chairs.  The counter is very close to the back of the chairs so we are quickly learning that we may not be able to have two counter chairs due to lack of space.  Any help would be greatly appreciated to update our kitchen for our family of five.

Thank you for your help!


We agree that you should paint the brick and the green should be painted a nice off white. Changing your hardware could really modernize your kitchen, and you can check out Ballard’s hardware for some inspiration. Add some great lighting such as a fabulous light fixture over the island. You may not need stools for the counter, and this will add space for one long bench without having people bump into each other.

Show Notes:

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Happy Decorating!

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