Podcast, Ep. 133: homeschooling expert and supermom Erika Ward

Interior designer Erika Ward talks about homeschooling and creating kid-friendly spaces on the How to Decorate podcast


While we are inside and schools are closed for the time being, we thought an episode on homeschooling could be helpful. This week, we welcome Erika Ward, owner of Erika Ward Interiors, based in Atlanta, Georgia. As a mother of 5 who home schooled her children, this supermom has great advice for us on how to create a space that welcomes both fun and learning, how to transform our home into a homeschooling space, and ways we can keep our home beautiful with our kids running around full time inside of them.

What You’ll Hear On this Episode

  • Why Erika decided to home school her kids, and how it helped her raise them in a way that was aligned with her values.
  • How to schedule better so that you allow for learning, play, and fun.
  • Ways to create spaces so that kids don’t feel trapped, but they also don’t feel too comfortable.
  • How Erika transformed her home using tables and chairs to set exact spaces for learning, but also provided an area for her kids to get up, move around, and do the work they need to.
  • Lunch and snack time can be a challenging area for homeschooling parents, and Erika explains her winning strategy.
  • Hot tip for keeping the house looking great with little ones around full time – put all the beautiful things in spaces and crevices they can’t reach.
  • Ways that we can get our kids to be accountable and tidy up in their playroom.
  • Tips for designing a space that can stay functional and is worth the investment.

Large family kitchen with white cabinetry and large farm table

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