Podcast, Ep. 128: flower expert Scott Shepherd

Host of the Flower Podcast Scott Shepherd joins the show to share his flower secrets


Scott Shepherd has worked in the floral industry for 27 years, and as the host of the very popular podcast The Flower Podcast, he is the go-to guy on all things floral. He shares his expertise to talk with us about how we can tell if a flower is fresh, what goes behind the cost of flowers, how we can utilize our local farmer’s markets, and tricks and tips to keep our flowers fresher and more beautiful for even longer!

What You’ll Hear on This Episode:

  • Trials and triumphs on a romantic rosemary hedge, Ninja air fryers and crispers, important dermatologist news, growing plants from seeds, and some drapery workarounds.
  • More about Scott’s podcast The Flower Podcast, and some of the super cool takeaways he has from interviewing people all over the world in the flower industry.
  • The most popular flowers and greenery for both high end and affordable weddings.
  • What really goes behind the cost of purchasing flowers from a florist, including transportation, inspection, and details you may not have thought of that adds to the expense.
  • A step by step method of what to do should we buy flowers from our local grocery store to keep them fresh and beautiful for as long as possible.
  • Why hydrangeas are Scott’s favorite flower, and the lowdown on how we should actually cut them.
  • Why we use floral foam, and how to use it properly.

Decorating Dilemmas

Hello Ladies!

After taking Christmas decorations down, I want to refresh the living room.   I need advice on art for the wall with the tv in the living room. The sloped Ceiling stumps me on the art .

I plan to eventually paint all the wood trim white and the stair banister black ( and possibly the doors black as well).  Any suggestions for making the room better are welcome !

Thanks! Love the podcast – it inspires me to try to make my home more “us”.


If you are open to moving the tables, flanking them with matching lamps and botanicals with a large print on either side would add both symmetry and drama. If you paint the banister black, that could look fresh and modern!


Hi Ladies!

I love listening to the podcast. It has taught me so much and kept me company on many walks with my newborn last Fall!

We recently moved into our house and I have been having trouble with the furniture layout in our den. It is an odd shape and the need for walkways makes it feel a little tight. I hope to upgrade our furniture soon but right now this is what I have to work with. I have tried many arrangements, and this is the most recent one I have landed on, but don’t love that the 2 most comfortable chairs are under the TV. We used to have the console table under the TV but I felt that since that nook is so deep we were wasting space not putting seating there. Would you move the TV? Maybe put the sofa where the orange chairs are now? Any and all suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks so much for your help!!


You may want to move the console to where the TV is, and put the little leggy chair under the TV,  push it all closer together and that way it opens it up for comfortable seating and opens up the options to make the room appear even bigger. Buy yourself those great chairs that you love, or at least start making a plan using our room planner tool!

Show Notes:

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Happy Decorating!

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Caroline McDonald

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