Podcast, Episode 107: designer Kimberly Barr

Philadelphia interior designer Kimberly Barr

Kimberly Barr is an Interior Designer in the Philadelphia area and is known for her youthful, put-together style. We talk about her love for antiques, not having strict rules, and how we can mix patterns and pieces in a way that brings a modern, fresh look to the traditional. We also get into some pillow talk, where in design you can have fun, and how it’s possible to design family friendly yet elegant spaces.

What You’ll Hear on This Episode:

  • Kimberly’s inspiration behind mixing the traditional with a twist of elegant and modern.
  • More about Kimberly’s company, Kimberly Barr Interior Design, and how she tends to work with clients from the beginning until completion.
  • Kimberly’s love of working in Philadelphia because it allows her to bring a current feel to old stone homes and mill work within traditional homes.
  • Ways we can mix fabrics without being over the top.
  • Some good rules of thumb for mixing things that may not go together.
  • How many pillows on a sofa is too many, and how to best store pillows instead of just throwing them on the ground!
  • Kimberly may keep her master bedroom all white, but also knows how to design for families, knowing that a space needs to be livable and kid friendly.
  • What a triple pleat is, and why it adds a crisp sophistication to drapery.
  • The price range for working in custom fabrics, and how to know if it’s the right choice for you.
  • When wallpaper is appropriate, and if Kimberly thinks the trend is here to stay.
  • Art and sconces are great opportunities to have some fun and mix it up in a traditional home.
  • Kimberly’s grandma owned an antique store, so her childhood was spent oohing and ahhing over the best antiques.
  • Every situation is different, if you have rules you may be missing an opportunity.

Decorating Dilemmas:

Hey girls!

I’m absolutely crazy about your podcast and listen religiously. So so fun.
As to my question, I was listening the other day and heard the designer talking about breaking up the dining set. My dining room has a matching set I found at an antique store, so I have no emotional connection to it, but I do love it. The top is a little damaged, so I tend to keep a tablecloth on it. So should I paint the chairs?  And if so, what color?  I am not afraid of color, and added pictures of the surrounding rooms so you can see the colors woven through. I’m also curious about the lamps in this room. Should I do a set of blue and white ginger jar lamps on the buffet?  Do the black shades get lost? Just feeling like the room could use a refresh, and curious about your ideas.

Thanks so much,

This is space really fun, and we love the green and how bold the whole space is! We all agree that the tablecloth has to go, and we suggest painting the table black. Or, if you don’t want to paint, have the table fixed where the scratches are, and add in some upholstered chairs. Our first thought is getting rid of the blue pattern of the tablecloth, and putting the ginger jars on the table. Off white or white drapery would tie the space together. Especially in this case, it’s okay to have blank space and you are off to a great start overall!

Show Notes

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Happy Decorating!

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