Podcast, Ep. 91: designer Keith Arnold

Keith Arnold, Vice President of Suzanne Kasler Interiors

Photo: Pamela Mougin

Keith Arnold, Vice President of Suzanne Kasler Interiors, joins us today to announce his new venture Keith Etc., a store that curates what Keith loves in design and pieces that are both old on new. We have a great time with Keith discussing arranging flowers, his new color obsession, the pyramid rule, and much more.

What You’ll Hear on This Episode:

  • How Keith started working with Suzanne over 15 years ago, the many jobs before that helped him in his wide array of roles now.
  • Keith’s background of attending Auburn University with a degree of Architecture, working in visual merchandising for Neiman Marcus and Martyn Lawrence Bullard.
  • How Keith and Suzanne collaborate and how he styles the photoshoots and projects.
  • Keith’s new collaborative venture, Keith Etc. To curate the best in both the old and the new.
  • The ways Keith and Suzanne use colors in big swathes, and practice restraint yet an open mind when it comes to breaking the rules.
  • His love of the saffron color! 
  • Why France is Keith’s favorite place to shop, and his favorite places in Atlanta.
  • The Pyramid Rule as a structure to start from in design for shelving.
  • The flowers Keith likes to use in a home, how he became an instant celebrity by using lemons in a flower arrangement.
  • Tulip styling tips, where Keith buys his flowers and plants, and why a flower should still look like a flower.

Decorating Dilemmas:

I live in a traditional house with a formal living room. The living room has two open doorways and another wall with windows. This room continues to be a thorn in my side when it comes to furniture arrangements. I am not in love with the furniture in here and want to replace it. Help me figure out how to place my furniture and maybe some ideas for things I should buy when we replace our current furniture. This room is rarely used but it is right off our entryway so everyone who comes to our house can see into it.

Thank you,

Karen Salienko

We think first to figure out how to you want to use the room and then design around it. We may need to think about putting something in the middle of the room, and move the piano over to where the console is. A rug to hold the sitting area together would make the room feel warmer. A big collection of art above the sofa may look great. On the piano wall, we like the idea of a big piece of art. A mirror above the piano to reflect the window would really open up the room. Either the chairs or the sofa should be more linear, so that we get some variety. Disguise the dog crate a little, and maybe you will even find yourself with a new end table!

Show Notes:

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Happy Decorating!

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