Podcast, Ep. 82: stylist and editor Stacy Kunstel

Stylist and editor Stacy Kunstel in a dining room

Stylist, writer, editor and producer Stacy Kunstel swings by to talk about the fun of adding colors, how she works with interior designers, where she finds inspiration as a stylist and why it all comes down to being different in design. She also discusses what’s new in style and what we can expect in a few years, along with her personal favorite trends. 

What You’ll Hear on This Episode:

  • Stacy’s attraction to big colors and patterns, and how she mixes it with the traditional.
  • Why tradition doesn’t have to be boring – it can be big, bright and graphic.
  • Color makes people happy!
  • How Stacy picked the colors in her product line that were both on trend and ones she loved that has stood the test of time.
  • Stacy’s encouragement to mix lacquer with natural wood.
  • More about her furniture line, and how it came to be.
  • Why it’s your personality and point of view that makes the space so special and a feature so interesting.
  • Why taking some time to sit and organize ideas and visions is a game changer.
  • What a “drink drop” table is, and why they are so important.
  • A glimpse into Stacy’s job, and the many skills she needs to have to do her job as a stylist.
  • Tips for folks on what to leave on their dining room table.
  • Stacy’s advice to stick to the wedding theme when decorating. Go for something old, new, borrowed and blue.
  • Stacy’s favorite publications to get style inspiration and ideas.


Decorating Dilemmas:


I’m a huge fan of the podcast and have listened to almost every episode! I also love Ballard and have many of your pieces in our home. My favorite are the Dayna chairs and Kerra sideboard, which we have under the TV in our living room. 

Our main living area on the first floor of our home is very open-concept and on the smaller side, and I’m struggling with whether we should replace our current rectangular reclaimed wood table in our dining room off of the kitchen with a round table. We eat primarily at our kitchen island but I’d love to make our dining space more casual so we can enjoy it as a family (more like a “breakfast room” than a formal dining room).

We currently have an 8 x 8 jute rug in the space and 6 of the Dayna chairs (two with arms and four without). I would be willing to go down to just the four chairs with a round table, but I’m not sure if it’s the best fit/look for the space.

I’m sending photos from multiple angles and would love to hear your thoughts! I’d likely want to do either a lighter wood round table or something with a marble top, but am open to suggestions. The brass light fixture is what we currently have, by the way. The crystal chandelier was from some older photos.

Thank you so much for your insight and help! 


Right off the bat, we like your taste in design and style. Stacy loves the white walls and sees it as a wonderful opportunity to add some art. As a general rule of thumb, if your room is square, a round table will fit better. It looks like you will be easily able to fit up to 6 people here at your table, and Stacy suggests a new brass chandelier.

Hi Ladies, 

I LOVE your podcast.  I never miss an episode.  Great content in an entertaining way.

I have a dilemma in my laundry room.   It is a small room only 5′ by 6′.  There is really only enough room for a washer and dryer and nothing else.  We moved into this home about 11 months ago.  It had ugly light fixtures throughout the home.  We have been slowly changing them out.  This room however, had me stumped.   I included a picture of our ceiling.  You will notice that the light fixture is off centered because we have an attic access panel in that room.  I would like to change out the boob light fixture but it does look weird that it is not centered in the room.  A few episodes ago, you mentioned swag lights which I thought might be a good solution but the ceilings are only 8 feet in that room.  I thought about possibly doing a track light where the connection could be off centered.  I really need more light in this room.  There are no windows.  Do you have any suggestions?? I am stumped.

Hope you ladies keep it up.  I have learned so much by listening to you.  Thank you, thank you.


We don’t want to have to vote for a track light, but we think this is the most practical solution. Hopefully you aren’t spending too long in there, but we still want it to spark at least some joy. Add some fun wallpaper, and maybe some fun swag with chains and a net.

Show Notes:

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Happy Decorating!

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