Podcast, Ep. 86: designer Amy Vermillion

Charlotte, North Carolina designer Amy Vermillion joins the podcast to talk about custom cabinetry, functional spaces, and what constitutes 'timeless'

Amy Vermillion joins the show to talk about her style that has been described as “comfortably elegant.” We talk about how good design can make your life easier, paint colors, an 80’s house she brought into the 21st century, and her love of chandeliers. 

What You’ll Hear on This Episode:

  • The renovation Amy has done again (and again!) from everything including the porch, office and master bedroom.
  • The rule Amy uses when picking pieces that will be permanent and timeless. 
  • Her biggest design pet peeves, and why we should all just do what we love.
  • The polarizing topics of gray, brown furniture, and a glimpse into the custom details she does for her clients.
  • Amy’s love of a chandelier as decorative jewelry for the ceiling.
  • Her description of a true 80’s house (but don’t knock a great wet bar in the den!)
  • What is a scullery, and why would someone who entertains love one?
  • How Amy gets to know her clients so she can design a space that functions for their lifestyle
  • We talk about the rising popularity of libraries
  • What people are doing with their TV’s now that they are getting larger than ever.
  • We talk paint colors and why it’s so tricky to give someone a paint recommendation
  • How to address family photos to make them sleek and beautiful

Decorating Dilemmas:


I just bought my house and am having a major dilemma. I have a room (see attached) that is the first thing you enter when you walk in my home. Large window, staircase, and it leads directly into my kitchen/dining room, with visual to my large family room. It is approximately 14×14, but my measurements might be slightly off from memoryI have no idea what to do with this room!!!

Everything in the picture is completely removable (we JUST moved and they needed a temporary home), and the paint color could maybe use an upgrade. I’d consider myself to have a “traditional style”, maybe with a slight edge to farmhouse or cottage. I prefer neutral colors with a splash here or there of something extra. The photos are not permanent and can easily move.Most importantly: I don’t really want this to be a second family room, which is where my inspiration is falling flat. I have a large family room with a fireplace and TV, and a fully finished basement that serves as the primary entertainment space. I hate the idea of unused space, and would worry a formal sitting room would only gather dust

Any ideas to make this a functional room for my husband and I would be amazing! Our budget is open for almost anything except construction, and would really just love your opinions on how to make the focal point of my home be something gorgeous.

Pictures below!


If you are not looking for another living room, this could be a landing area for the purpose of creating an island with functional storage below. Changing out the paint color could be done, but some soft panels, rugs and a chair or two would create an opportunity for a simple place to have a quiet moment before you leave the house. We are all jealous and would love a room like this! Consider making the view into your kitchen more attractive, which would be moving the trash can so you can’t see it when you walk in.

Show Notes:

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Happy Decorating!

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