Podcast, Episode 79: Pappas Miron Interior Design

Alexandra Pappas and Tatyana Miron of Pappas Miron Interior Design join the podcast to talk contemporary shapes and more

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This week we talk to the ladies of Pappas Miron, Tatyana and Alexandra, childhood friends and designers that have worked together since 2003. They talk with us about their contemporary and warm styles that mix together to create timeless and comfortable spaces.

What You’ll Hear on This Episode:

  • More about Tatyana and Alexandra’s updated traditional and modern eclectic style.
  • Where their love of contemporary furniture comes from.
  • How someone that loves a contemporary space can inject more warmth into their space.
  • The challenges they are solving on a regular basis regarding weird layouts and smaller spaces in New York.
  • Their creative use of closets, bins, and blanket boxes to provide even more storage for those with children.
  • The way they encourage their clients to incorporate their warm personal style.
  • What their individual homes look like, and how they each use texture and mood.
  • Dark doesn’t always have to be sad and depressing.
  • Tatyana and Alexandra’s advice for going over the top in a great way with pattern.
  • The reason they favor curvilinear furniture pieces in their rooms.
  • Their use of deep rich jewel tone colors for accents, and why we shouldn’t be afraid to embrace the dark.
  • What really goes into upholstering a room.
  • The favorite rooms they have ever done!
  • The upsides of having a partner in design, and yes they do consult each other in their own personal projects.

Decorating Dilemmas


We just moved into our home which was built in 1933. The living room has 2 doorways, 2 walls with windows, and a large fireplace. The room is not symmetrical due to the doorways, so I’ve struggled to know how to best place our furniture/TV, etc. This room is an entertaining space, casual tv watching space, as well as a trafffic flow area through to the eating area. We have already painted the walls Benjamin Moore Classic Gray and purchased a new rug (not the one pictured) and a Ballard designs garden stool for the room. I know that we need more seating. The room measures about 15×20. The rug we will have is an 8.8 x 12, in tan (ish) and robins egg (Persian style wool rug).  

We do not want to put our TV over the fireplace since it would sit high up, and then it would be the center of the room, which we don’t like. I think it needs to stay more or less where we have it due to the outlets.  The entryway opens into this room and you essentially walk straight into the TV console.  The far wall with one single window has a ton of space on either side — was thinking 2 open etagere style bookshelves? 

I need help figuring out what to do with the space in terms of layout! And ideas for seating, lighting, or if bookshelves are the best idea?

The pictures attached show the weird symmetry with the archway into the dining room not being centered.  If I place the couch centered beneath the 3 windows, its not centered with the TV console. same issue with the rug placement. I hope this all makes sense! 

Thank you so much in advance for your expert advice!


We agree on no TV over the fireplace, and think maybe a skinnier and long console offset with a lamp closer to the entry with the TV on the other side. We advise to have an electrician come to hide the wires. Check out the console options on Ballard Designs for some good choices! We like the idea of garden stools, and you can add drapery to come down on either side of the windows with artwork on either side. You may want to cover the floor in a sisal rug, with an area rug for smaller areas. The Pappas Miron ladies also do some pony skin or cowhide runners in neutral colors in their homes. And…don’t forget lamps, sconces and some art. It’s a beautiful space, and we love the arches.

Show Notes

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Happy Decorating!

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