Podcast, Ep. 67: lifestyle entrepreneur India Hicks

Lifestyle entrepreneur and design royalty India Hicks joins the podcast to talk about her new book, decorating with sentimental pieces, and much more

Lifestyle entrepreneur India joins the podcast to talk about her new book, A Slice of England, in which chronicles the process of decorating her home in England, as well as her other family homes. On the show, we talk about her upbringing into design royalty with iconic designer David Hicks as her father, what being an author, model and entrepreneur has taught her, amazing ways we can decorate without spending a lot of money and her new business model that empowers women. She also gives tips on furnishing a coastal home, shares an inside look at both her home in Harbour Island and the American Farm, and tells us more about her new book, A Slice of England.

What You’ll Hear on This Episode:

  • A firsthand look at India’s upbringing with her father, iconic designer David Hicks, along with some fun American culture references of his work
  • India’s love of storytelling within her brand, books and decor
  • Why India believes that good taste and design are by no means dependent on money
  • Why she prefers an inclusive and accessible style in design, especially for those of us with families and pets
  • More about India’s home in Harbour Island, and their intention to take it back in time to the 18th Century
  • The true story that India and her partner David really had only one argument when designing their American Farmhouse
  • How India works antiques into her home, and expert ways to not be intimidated when mixing traditional and contemporary
  • What makes India’s new home collection so near and dear to her heart
  • How India’s company is giving women a chance to become ambassadors and work on their own time with a network of other amazing women
  • The sunscreen that India swears by
  • What room is most special to India
  • How to keep a coastal home from being cliche
  • The inspiration behind her book, A Slice of England

Rooms in India's home in the Bahamas which she shares with her family

Decorating Dilemmas

Hi, ladies!

I have been listening to your podcast for the last few months and have been binging it, listening to about 3 episodes a week.  I love it and am so sad I am almost all caught up.  I guess I’ll just have to wait for each new episode like everyone else! 

We are building a new home in a coastal part of Northeast Florida and I have two questions I could use your help with.  It is under construction so the photos I am sending are from the model home.  My colors will be blue and green and I’m including a screenshot of a board I saved on Pinterest that I like.  


1. I want to put a rug in the family room and one in the dining room.  Since the rooms are all one big space, should they “match” in some way?  Can you recommend rugs that are pet friendly (we have a Yorkie) and also nice underfoot?  Love the look of a sisal or jute but not sure they’re great in a house with a dog who just might have an accident.  :-/

2. In the dining room I want to do white wainscoting with navy seagrass wallpaper above.  Here’s my question.  Should I put it on the dining room ceiling where the tray is outlined by crown molding?  As you can see in the pic of the model home, they put wood on the ceiling that matches the floors in the house.  Thanks for your help and Happy Decorating! 


Due to the heavy traffic with her 5 children and animals, India has a dark wood painted floor and a sisal rug to warm it up in sections, so that way she could move it in sections. India thinks the navy blue as a complete covering could be incredibly chic and cozy as long as there is enough light. India recommends bringing in some house plants to liven up the room as well!

Hi Ladies! 

I love your podcast and have been listening since day 1!  I’ve been meaning to send you a note as I’m struggling with our Master Bedroom.  It’s a very tall room and only has 1 full wall.  Our king size bed is on that wall and with our bedside tables, there’s truly only a few inches to spare.  The dresser we have in the room “barely” made it up the stairs so it has to stay.  My question mainly revolves around this third wall we have in the room.  I’d love to put some sort of small dresser there for additional storage along with a mirror/pictures, etc.  The concern is that there is a very narrow pathway to the bathroom, specifically at the end of our bed and I don’t want it to look too cluttered.  Additionally, the wall is so tall that I feel that a small dresser would look dwarfed when the ceiling is 15 feet up!

My other thought was to place the bed on the window wall, but I enjoy seeing light when waking up (as opposed to a wall) and don’t like when headboards block windows.  Please note, we will DEFINITELY be replacing those drapes as soon as I commit to something.  

I would appreciate your help trying to find a way to fit more storage in this room without it looking cluttered.  

Attached are some iPhone photos of the room and one from our family photos so you don’t think the walls are full on khaki ?

Thank you,


We would recommend facing the bed towards the window, to get that beautiful view when you wake up. Or place the dresser under the botanical prints. We would add some dramatic art on some of the walls. We do love your bedding, dresser, and upholstered headboard.

Show Notes:

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Happy Decorating!

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