Outdoor Spring Cleaning Checklist

This post was updated in April 2022.

Outdoor Spring Cleaning Check List

So much attention is paid to indoor spring cleaning, but what about the outside? Our home’s exterior and outdoor spaces need just as much TLC from enduring the long, harsh winter. Use our handy Outdoor Spring Cleaning Checklist to get you started, so you can relax and enjoy the rest of the season without a second thought. Download a printable version of this Outdoor Spring Cleaning Checklist to keep track of all your hard work.

Porch and Patio

□   Sweep porch ceilings, walls and floors to clear away cobwebs
□   Hose down or power-wash porch or patio; treat mildew spots with one part oxygen bleach to three parts water
□   Pull patio furniture out of storage and plan outdoor spaces
□   Wash all outdoor furniture
□   Freshen up seating areas: clean or replace rugs, pillows and cushions, drapery and/or umbrellas

Garden Space

□   Clean out any weeds or dead foliage
□   Trim and prune trees and shrubs (talk to a local horticulturist or arborist if you’re unsure about which plants need pruning)
□   Add fresh soil and/or mulch to beds
□   Cut and divide perennials
□   Take inventory of plants and decide what needs to be replaced
□   Clean out planters and replace dead plants; rethink planter placement

Other Areas

□   Clean up and set up grill and refill propane tanks if necessary
□   Clean out gutters
□   Hose down or power-wash house exterior and doors; touch-up paint as needed
□   Wash windows and tracks
□   Wash screens and check for tears that need repair
□   Clean outdoor lighting fixtures and replace bulbs
□   Check hoses for cracks and leaks; store on a hose holder
□  Check driveway, sidewalks, remaining walls and other structures for damage

Clean your outdoor cushions

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