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Dear How to Decorate

I recently moved into my new home and am having lots of difficulty arranging my furniture in my family room. As you will see in the pictures I have attached, I’m having such difficulty mainly due to the fact that I have 3 entryways/exits off of the family room (1 from the front door to the family room, another from the family room to the guest bedrooms and bathroom, and the 3rd from the family room to the kitchen) and I don’t want to block any of these entrances/exits with furniture or obstruct these pathways. My family room is a 16′ x 18′ room and I would like for this room to have an open feel and flow that is a clutter-free, stylish, comfortable and relaxing space for watching television, listening to music, reading, entertaining guests, sleeping. Please help me accomplish this in this family room!!! =)

I greatly appreciate your assistance,


Dear Crystal,

Congratulations on your new home. We know how overwhelming putting everything together can be. We do have some suggestions that we feel will help you with an overall plan to complete your family room. We feel the sofa and loveseat are in the right place, so we are leaving them as is. We would like to see a 30” round Terrific Trio Table in Document Brown Fabric placed between the loveseat and sofa. The Cote D’Ivoire Table Lamp in antique ebony on the top would really look great.

Now on to the windows – we love our Skyler Check Panels in Chocolate hung as close to the ceiling as possible using dark bronze or black rods. On the sofa and loveseat you can toss some pillows around. We chose our Napoleonic Bee Pillow and a few skyler check pillows (18” sq. FP587 and 15 x 30 FP759). The combination is up to you. Next, the wall space above the sofa – we would like to see the 30” Sheffield Clock centered above the sofa with three Little Bird Giclees centered below the clock to finish off the wall. Placing our Light Sisal Rug with a brown border in front of the sofa should help to pull the room together. We used an 8×10 but you can use a 6×9 or a 9×12 if you wish.

We also chose the Morgan Coffee Table and the Morgan End Table in rubbed black because they have great storage baskets for all those extra things you want to hide. We took your floor lamp and placed it in back of the Morgan End Table centered in the window. At the end of the wall we thought a Half Chilton Cabinet in rubbed black would add some much needed storage by the foyer area. Coming around to the foyer wall, we chose six Quatrefoil Plaques three to go into the corner and the other three on the hallway wall. Situated in the corner is our Reston Corner Media Cabinet in rubbed black. It will hold up to a 46” screen and is a good height for viewing TV. It has cable management in the all the cabinets and adequate storage for your components.

Now let’s focus on the corner against the kitchen wall. We selected the Stratford Chair and Ottoman covered in the document print for a fabulous look. The Spool Side Table is just small enough to sit a cup of coffee on, but lift the top and you have more storage. Above the chair on the kitchen wall, we love Les Cachepots Blanc Giclee it is the perfect print to set the whole scene.

Crystal, we know we have handed you a lot of information, but this is intended as a long range plan. Sometimes when you are able to visualize the completed overall look of a room it helps you to make some decisions. We do hope that we have helped you with your Family Room Dilemma. Please let us know what you think of the plan. Feedback helps us stay on our toes…and we would love some pictures when you complete your project. Let us know if we can be of any further assistance.

Good Luck!
The Style Studio Team

1. Terrific Trio Table 2. Sheffield Clock 3. Skyler Check Panels  4. Morgan Coffee Table 5. Morgan End Table 6. Quatrefoil Plaques 7. Reston Corner Media Cabinet 8. Les Cachepots Blanc Giclee 9. Spool Side Table 10. Stratford Chair and Ottoman


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