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Incomplete Living RoomQuestion:

How can I make this family room look complete? I’m desparate for your help.

Thank you in advance.


Dear Denise,

Thank you so much for your recent questions regarding the finishing of your family room. We think you have a great start to a warm and wonderful space. It just needs a few finishing touches that will help pull your basic pieces together.

Let’s start with choosing an area rug. Because the room is expansive, adding an area rug in front of the sofa will help to anchor the room. Our Triana Rug is a great choice; or for a more relaxed look, the Coventry Jute Rug in Natural will work just as well. This is just a suggestion, but our Morgan Cocktail Table with Baskets in Rubbed Black would work very well in front of your sofa, allowing additional storage space as well. Placing your favorite art books stacked up and a beautiful green plant in an antique pot on top of the table will finish the vignette. The windows are spectacular, but without window treatments appear a little bare. Our suggestion is to frame the lower windows in Khaki Twill or Butter Twill Drapes mounted just below the upper windows on decorative rods. Placing a Terrific Trio Table covered in Ashford Paisley would be a nice addition next to the sofa. We love your lamp, so place it on the Ashford Paisley cloth to complete the look. Why not scatter some colorful Throw Pillows on the sofa and chairs in the room, perhaps choosing a combination of Ashford Paisley and Brick Pomeroy pillows for a punch of color?

On the opposite side of the room next to the occasional chair, the Ethan Tray Table in Black would give you a more substantial look next to the armoire. Now for the fireplace, without knowing your taste in art, we have chosen a few prints for above the mantle. They were chosen for their size and color palette. The Tulip Botanica Prints or L’Oranger and Le Citronier de Provence Prints would add a burst of color. On the hearth, for a natural effect, try adding our Coir Boat Bumpers (place one on the left side of the hearth and the other on the floor right below). To complete that area, a living, tall tree placed in the right hand corner will add height and natural balance to the room.

We know that we have given you a lot to think about. Our intention is to give you a variety of options to complete your room – of course you can do as little or as much as you choose, but we think the end result will be a warm and inviting family room. Please let us know if our answers are what you were looking for. We love the feedback and it helps us to fine tune our answers. We would also love to see the completed project, so please send pictures!

The Style Studio Team

Posted 6/2/09





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