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Living Room MakeoverLiving Room MakeoverQuestion:

Attached are photos of my living room. The sofa, 2 loveseats, and mirrored coffee table are new. I have no feelings about the other pieces of furniture. Opposite the sofa is a blank wall set back about 2 feet. I would like help with that space, the front window treatment and arrangement suggestions. Feel free to make lighting advice also. I guess, I just need overall help.

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Dear Ann:

We know how difficult it is to put the finishing touches on a room. We hope our ideas will help you take the room to the next level.

Anytime you are decorating, you want to place your accent colors throughout the room. We think using a 24” diameter Terrific Table covered in a Brick Pomeroy tablecloth set to the right of the sofa, with either the Amberton 3-Light Table Lamp or the Marsan Table Lamp on top will add a little “pop” of color.

Drapes can make a room appear warmer, and we suggest our Ballard Essential Panels in Caramel Twill. Hanging the drapes close to the ceiling will give the room height and frame the windows. In front of the windows, place 2 Square Louis Side Chairs (with linen finish legs) covered in Ashford Paisley to define that corner of your room. The chairs will also give you the option of pulling them up to the sofa area when extra seating is needed. We think you can leave the existing side table and lamp in between the two chairs.

You mentioned a blank wall across from the sofa. Too much furniture on one side of the room can make the room look unbalanced. Our suggestion – either the Louis XVI Sideboard in Brown Maple or the Benedetta Console in Rubbed Cream or Tuscan Brown centered across from the sofa. Placing 2 Chartres Buffet Lamps on top with your favorite painting or mirror mounted above will help balance the room. And don’t forget to place something wonderful on your beautiful coffee table, perhaps an orchid in a beautiful dish, or a collection of antique books.

We think our suggestions will help to complete that total look you are hoping for. Whether you choose all our suggestions or work on the room over time, we think you have a plan that will be easy to achieve. You certainly can substitute any of our items with ones you think are appropriate. Just remember to look at the size, color and scale of what we suggested. We use our furniture as guidelines to give you a visual plan.

Wishing you the very best of luck on your project. Send pictures!

The Style Studio Team

Posted 5/4/09



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