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Dear Style Studio:Finish up the Living Room

I just received your catalog in the mail and I love just about everything in it…especially the manner in which many of the items were decorated. I need help with my living room. I’m basically stuck with the current furniture, but I am looking for a fresh new look. I am willing to paint, add new drapes, accessories and wall art. What I’d like to know is how I should go about finishing the room.

Thank you in advance for any assistance you can provide.
Kim M.

We are so glad that you find inspiration in our catalogs, and hope to point you in the right direction as you re-decorate your home. Let’s start with the living room. The navy sofa and loveseat are great starting points. We think the room could use a little warming up and painting the walls will accomplish that. Why not try Benjamin Moore’s Sepia Tan #1116. In looking at your floor plan, you will need to paint all of walls including the entry, the hallway as well as the living and dining space. Using one color throughout should make the space appear larger and cohesive.

As the living room and dining room are one space, the windows need to be treated the same. We suggest removing the vertical blinds and hanging our Off White Quilted Panels on either side of the sliding door and on the window. The drapes should be long enough to hit the floor for a tailored look.

Floor PlanNow you have a wonderful backdrop to display some well chosen accessories. The fireplace should be a focal point and either the Lucerne Mirror or our Atoll Mirror will draw attention to the space. Replacing the blue vase to the right of the fireplace with our Dog Statue will add a touch of whimsy. Lighting appears to be limited, so add the Cote d’Ivoire Table Lamp in Antique Ebony on the bare end table (run the cord under the couch to an outlet). The Chinese Horse would be a nice touch next to the lamp. Why not add two of our Keyhole Shadow Boxes above your existing lamp to the left of the living room window. Place one above the other to balance the look.

Our Couture Pillows would be a wonderful addition to your sofa and loveseat. You can also add your existing orange pillows for an additional pop of color. The coffee table appears to be a little sparse. Placing our Paperwhites in the larger size and adding some leather bound books (perhaps with orange bindings) will complete the look.

Ballard’s Style Studio Team hopes that our suggestions will help you achieve the look you desire. You are certainly on the right track. Whether you choose to do it all at once or a bit at a time, we think you can achieve a look that is not only stylish, but one that is uniquely yours. Good Luck, and don’t forget to send us pictures of your finished look.

Posted 1/29/09

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