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Discover expert tips and techniques for gift-giving in our step-by-step How To guides.

  • Gift ideas for the hostess

    10 Gift Ideas for the Hostess

    With the holidays fast approaching, it won’t be long before the invitations start rolling in. Whether you’re hitting up a holiday party or spending the…

  • Gift ideas for the holiday early birds

    10 Gift Ideas for the Early Bird

    For some, it may be way too early to start thinking about Christmas gifts, but for the early bird, things are already into full swing!…

    How to Make a Bow

    Making your own bows is easier than you might think. Watch our quick video or read below for step-by-step instructions.

    Gift Giving Made Personal… and from the Heart by Christine Eisner

    People talk about the art of gift giving, but the good news is that you don’t need to be a Picasso (or a Trump) to show someone that you care. Gifts from the heart have less to do with money than with the thought that goes into selecting them. Even better, “heart gifts” are the ones that will stay off the re-gifting merry-go-round!

    How To Make a Simple Bow

    Embellish your greenery and holiday decor with your favorite ribbon. Follow these 6 easy steps to create a simple bow.

    We recommend you use wired…