Customer Rating: 3.0/5
Simple, beautiful and made to last. These Classic Barware Glasses come from renowned German glassmaker, Schott Zwiesel, preferred by top restaurants and hotels the world over for its beauty and extreme durability. Classic Barware features: * Made of patented Tritan crystal * Break, chip and scratch-resistant * Dishwasher safe

Bee Glassware Collection

Price: $49.00 - $59.00
Customer Rating: 4.6/5
We love the Bee Glassware Collection, especially for casual dinners where it's all about the drinks and great conversation. Made of nicely weighted, molded glass embossed with honey bees, a traditional symbol of French royalty. Bee Glassware features: * Available in three styles for your table * Dishwasher safe * Imported from France

Jameson Glassware

Price: $79.00 - $99.00
Customer Rating: 4.0/5
From renown German glassmaker, Schott Zwiesel, this lead-free stemware is preferred by top restaurants and hotels the world over for its beauty and extreme durability. The varietal-specific bowl is designed to showcase the bouquet and flavor of white wine. Jameson White Wine Glass features: * Patented Tritan titanium technology * Break, chip and scratch-resistant * Not dishwasher-safe * Stems are ....

Tortoise Glassware

Price: $49.00 - $69.00
Customer Rating: 2.6/5
Tortoise is one of our favorite prints because it goes with everything. These stylish Glasses are artisan made of mouth-blown glass. The wine glasses have a sea glass turned stem for sophisticated contrast. Because each is handmade, expect delightful variations in sizes. Tortoise Glassware features: * Adds warm natural color to any table setting * Handcrafted, organic shape
Customer Rating: 5.0/5
Bunny Williams designed these festive champagne glasses with a small turned foot and taller flute, so there's more room for what's most important the bubbly. Nicely weighted to feel good in your hand, they're made of clear glass with a golden bubble accent. Bunny Williams Bubbly Glass features: * Great hostess or housewarming gift * Sets an instant party mood * Great for the holidays or year-round....

LaCroix Glassware

Price: $99.00 - $129.00
Customer Rating: 1.0/5
The sleek, angular silhouettes of our LaCroix Glassware are crafted of resilient, scratch-resistant Tritancrystal by world-renowned German glassmaker, Schott Zwiesel. Highball has a nicely weighted base that feels good in your hand. LaCroix Glassware features: * Great for everyday & frequent entertaining * Maintains clarity & sparkle * Resists chipping * Lead-free * Dishwasher safe *Monogramming a....