How To Monogram
How to monogram initials on personalized pillows for personalized gifts

How to Monogram – Quick Guide to Rules and Etiquette

Learning the ins and outs of how to monogram is a lot for one person to do - so rely on expert advice from an in-store Monogram Specialist!

Our monogram stylist relates these tips and tricks on monogramming from our flagship Atlanta Store. Learn when, where and how to add a personal touch to your home decor.

This Guide covers monogram essentials like; what to monogram, monogram styles and fonts, and monogram gift ideas. And you'll see how easy it is to monogram your favorite new items.

Why a Monogram?

A monogram is a sunny way to add a personal touch to a normal, everyday item like a makeup bag or tote– but why stop there? Go ahead – add a custom monogram to other home decor items like indoor or outdoor pillows, shower curtains, bath towels, dinner napkins, duvets, sheets, chair covers and more.

How do Monograms Work?

  • Show pride of nice, important items by showing ownership with style. Let guests know that you and your family have worked hard to create this comfort and you are proud to share.

  • Try adding 1 small monogrammed pillow on the crest of your bed or sofa's throw pillow arrangement, and highlight your style in a framed, eye catching way. Let this stand out piece be a neutral color and match the monogram to your room's palate.

  • Personalize dinner napkins to create a layer of seasonal sophistication for a dinner party or family gathering. Make it even more memorable for your guests.

No matter where you add a monogram, the results are the same – added depth of style and personality in a personalized way.

What Are Best Monogrammed Gifts?

Give a monogrammed item as a gift for a great way to turn an ordinary present into something that is personal and held dear. It separates the normal store-bought item from the thought-out, personal gift your loved ones deserve. Monograming a gift is one of the easiest (and affordable) ways to give a timeless gift backed with meaning.

With monogramming the possibilities are endless, but some popular personalized gift ideas include:

  • Make up bags for the bridal party
  • Baby bags with the newborn's name
  • Custom totes for your sorority sisters
  • Cosmetic bags or travel bags for easy organization
  • Pillows for teacher or nurse appreciation
  • "Mr. and Mrs." towel set for the perfect wedding gift

How to Arrange a Monogram

Monogram Fonts, Styles and Colors

With an endless amount of monogram styles, fonts and color combinations available, sorting through the possibilities can be exhausting.

*Luckily for us, Ballard has selected styled fonts and frames that align with current trends in decor and design to make your monogram a sure thing.

Designer inspired colors can highlight your monogram or simply add a subtle note depending on your style, season or purpose.

Choose a Color Combination

Base your color on personality and the item's use

  • Express your beach vibes in an aqua towel tote with a coral monogram in relaxed, breezy font
  • Add subtle, elegant personalization with a black on black bag monogram, relying on texture to tell your story
  • Use colors to match the season - bright for warmth and dark for cool and cozy
  • Choose favorite colors when giving a gift for even further personalization

Go Metal! Metallic threads of gold and silver go great on anything holiday. Try it on a personalized Christmas stocking for your family or a stocking for the beloved family dog. Personalize gifts with favorite colors and styles to match personality and use - you can't go wrong!

Monogram with Ballard

Trouble choosing between our designer styles, fonts and 37 hand-selected colors? Just ask in store or online for current trends and how to best suit your taste.

  • Based on machine and store capability, most in-store monograms can be done while you wait or over a quick lunch for instant custom gratification.
  • Some items like make-up bags and totes even include a free monogram!
  • Larger items like monogramed shower curtains or custom duvet covers can be shipped straight to your home just a few days after you order them.

Don't use bleach! Even on tough outdoor Sunbrella Fabrics, bleach can take the color out of the monogram thread. Use mild detergent with a light wash or follow the item's care instructions for best results.

The Monogram – Then and Again

Throughout history the monogram has made its mark. From the carved coins marking the reign of ancient Greek and Roman rulers to household items, armor and coats of arms of aristocracy in the middle ages – monograms have been used for centuries by artisans to claim their work with pride and personalization.

Today, the monogram is a subtle way to lace luxury into the everyday or to transform gifts into lifelong treasured keepsakes. Once considered a stuffy and stale tradition, the monogram has suddenly once again gone mainstream. From totes, linens and wallpaper - you can now find initials printed, etched or embroidered on just about anything.

Adding your personalized logo – which is what a monogram essentially is – is inexpensive and widely available for a variety of everyday items. Next time you're eyeing something special for yourself or someone else, turn it into a treasure – monogram it.

Monogram Initials Order

What's the best order for initials in monograms?

Read on to find out the different monogram types and monogram styles that make personalized gift giving easy for any person or couple - you included!

  • Traditional 3-Letter Monogram


    Center the last name initial in the largest type, flanked by the first name initial on the left and the middle name initial on the right, both in smaller type.

  • Modern 3-Letter Monogram


    List the first initial, middle initial and last name initials in the same size type in that order.

  • 2-Letter Monogram


    Use the first name initial and the last name initial in the same size type.

  • 1-Letter Monogram


    Use the last name initial for a single letter monogram.

Couples' Monograms - Initials Guide

It's easiest to write it out! Not sure what looks best? Ask for a sample and see what you like!

  • Married Woman's Monogram (with Maiden Name or Not)

    ESF or ESF

    List the first name initial, add the married last name initial in the center, and use the maiden name initial at the end.

  • Married Couple Monogram

    CFE or CFE

    The traditional 3-letter monogram style uses the married last name initial in large font in the middle surrounded by the smaller font first name initial of each spouse on both sides, (this also works for an individual when their last name is hyphenated).

  • Married Couple with Prefix in Last Name

    TDM or TDM for Todd and Mary Du Pont

    Names with prefixes such as Mac, Mc, O' and Du use the first letter of the last name.

  • Same Sex Couple Monogram

    MG for Jacob Martin and Todd Gunther

    If last names are different, use 2 letter monogram with last name initials.

  • Same Sex Couple 4-Letter Monogram

    EHSK For Elizabeth Holden and Katie Sampson

    Use large type last name initials flanked by first name initials on either side in a smaller type.

So now that you know how to monogram, it's time to customize your home. Check out our monogram styles and colors after you choose an item.

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