To make sure your piece works perfectly in your space, we've added hidden levelers that can be adjusted to address these common issues:

  • Uneven doors or drawers
  • Wobbling from an uneven floor
  • Tilting away from wall
  • Aligning sets like bookcases

To identify the levelers on your piece and how to use them, please refer to the instruction sheet included with your item. If your instructions aren't available, just follow these simple guidelines to locate the levelers on your particular piece:

Exterior Levelers

If the levelers are accessible on the exterior of your piece, tilt the piece back to locate them on the underside of the item. Adjust them by twisting counterclockwise until your item is level.

Interior Levelers

If the levelers are accessible on the interior of your piece, you'll find them on the bottom inside of the case. Look for inset wooden mushroom caps indicating where the levelers are located. Remove the mushroom cap and adjust them from the interior using a key (included with the item's hardware) or screwdriver.

Bottom Levelers

If your piece has legs or feet, the levelers will be on the bottom. Tilt the item back to locate them. Remember, it's the leveler - not the leg or foot - that needs to be adjusted to level your piece.

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