Care Guide for Outdoor Cushions

You’re going to love your outdoor cushions. They instantly brighten your outdoor space and keep you cozy for hours of primetime lounging. And because our cushions are covered in washable, easy-care Sunbrella® or yarn-dyed woven acrylic, you can have your fun in the sun without worrying about life’s little messes. With a few easy preventive measures, you can keep your cushions in tip-top shape season after season. Here are our most helpful tips for extending their life.

For The Longest Life with the Least Amount of Cleaning:

  • Bring your cushions inside or to a protected area when not in use
  • Use outdoor furniture covers if you intend to leave them out

If You Are Going to Leave Your Cushions Out & Unprotected:

  • Tip and angle your cushions on the seat after use
  • Bring your cushions under cover before it rains

Outdoor Cushions

Make Cleaning your Cushions Easy

Do you dread cleaning outdoor furniture as much as we do? Here’s the good news: you can prevent or at least delay having to deep clean your cushions with these tried-and-true methods:

  • Brush off dirt and wipe up spills immediately to avoid embedded stains
  • To remove basic stains, spot clean Sunbrella and yarn-dyed acrylic fabrics with ¼ cup mild dish soap (Dawn® recommended) and 1 gallon of water (never use bleach on yarn-dyed polyester)
  • See Sunbrella’s stain chart for cleaning specific stains: www.sunbrella.com/en_us/how/cleaning/stain-chart.php
  • Hose off your cushions as needed to remove dirt and debris
  • Re-treat Sunbrella fabrics after deep cleaning or every 5 years (303 High Tech Fabric Guard™ recommended)
Keep your Cushions Party Ready

Keep your Cushions Party Ready

One of our pet peeves? Attending an outdoor party and sitting on mildewed, or worse, wet cushions. Plan ahead and keep a clean, dry spot for your guests to sit.

  • Bring cushions inside or angle them on the seat to shed rain water
  • Hose down debris right after a storm and place them on their sides to dry
  • Cushions used under trees should be kept free of natural debris -- the biggest culprit for mildew
  • Allow at least 24 hours for wet cushions to dry (never use a hairdryer or steamer on your cushions or put them in the dryer)

Smart Winter Care Makes Spring a Breeze

At the first hint of spring, we rush to get outside and it's nice to have outdoor cushions ready. Follow these simple steps and your cushions will be fresh when the weather warms:

  • Clean your cushions and let dry before stowing away for winter
  • Store cushions inside your home, garage or covered area during winter
  • Ensure any storage bags or bins you use are dry and kept away from moisture-prone areas
  • Use outdoor furniture covers if you leave cushions out during winter
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