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Bar Stool Height - How to Get the Best Fit

Choosing the right barstool can be complicated. Barstool height and spacing are critical to creating comfort for guests and family. Check out our easy-to-use barstool infographic below for a quick and simple way to select the perfect barstool style for your home. Or go directly to see all our barstools.

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Surface Height

Measure the height of the surface you are shopping for. Use the chart below to determine the appropriate height based on the height of the surface. Remember to keep 9-12 inches between the stool seat and the bottom of the counter or bar for comfortable leg space.

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Surface Width

To determine how many stools are necessary, measure the width of the counter or bar and then use the chart below to determine spacing.


Stools come in many different styles. Check out our handy grid for a selection of popular styles and which one will work best in your home.

For Small Spaces: A backless bar stool works best in a small space because it doesn't disrupt the sight lines to your kitchen from other rooms of the house and makes your kitchen feel airier.

For Large Islands: If you have a large island, you'll need a barstool that has enough visual weight to balance the heft of your cabinetry. Something wicker or upholstered is a great option.

For Family Meals: Do you have long family meals around your island or do lots of entertaining in your kitchen? Comfort is of upmost importance, so an upholstered bar stool will make sure your family and guests linger and enjoy themselves.

For Busy Households: Durability is important, so if you're worried about sticky fingers or spills, consider a barstool that is either wipe able or upholstered in an easy-to-clean performance fabric.

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