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Taupe Chandelier Shade

Original $24.00 Now $18.00
More Details This mini drum chandelier shade is handfinished in linen. Crisp, drum-shaped chandelier shade with a modern and sophisticated look.
Original $24.00 Now $18.00
More Details We designed this statuesque version of our best-selling Linen Chandelier Shade to give larger fixtures the height they need to shine.

Tall Linen Chandelier Shade features:
Hand finished. Linen blend.
Original $26.00 Now $19.50
More Details Our Dupioni Silk Chandelier Shades bring tailored elegance to any chandelier. Create a sense of timeless beauty with pure duponi silk. Duponi Silk Chandelier Shade features:
• Pure silk with matching trim
• Classic tailored look
• Fashion colors Shop our selection of chandeliers.
Original $19.00 Now $14.25
More Details Changing your shades is the easiest and least expensive way to update your chandelier. This mini tapered drum chandelier shade is hand finished in linen for a crisp, sophisticated look.

Tapered Drum Linen Chandelier Shade features:
Change colors with the seasons.
Original $20.00 Now $15.00
More Details You can never go wrong with the beautiful texture and simple shape of our lovely Linen Chandelier Shades. Expand your decorating options with these interchangeable shades throughout the year.

Linen Chandelier Shade features:
Beautiful linen texture. Simple, versatile shape. Shade clips onto bulb.
Original $39.00 Now $29.25
More Details Give your chandelier organic texture and a touch of global flair with our Grasscloth Chandelier Shade.

Grasscloth Chandelier Shade features:
Quick easy update. Handmade. Natural grasscloth. Clips on.